5. This breed is not only known for its high IQ and high energy level but also for its agility and strength. They were raised to hunt in packs with tons of athleticism and the stealth needed to run for hours. Talk to your vet about simple ways to give your dog a long, happy, and healthy life. In fact, it's recommended that Huskies log between three and five miles of activity every few days. Like other large breeds, however, Huskies may be susceptible to developing hip or elbow dysplasia. Physical Characteristics: Long, narrow, and lean bodied with short, smooth coats that require minimal grooming. These dogs are not merely one of the healthiest in the world, but one of the most intelligent according to the dog behaviorist Stanley Coren. On par with their long history, Basenjis have long lifespans—many live for 13 to 14 years. With a typical life span of 12-15 years, the Border Terrier is a healthy little dog worth looking into! Australian Shepherds are among the healthiest dog breeds in the world. However, they are not immune to problems such as seizure disorders and allergies. Healthiest Dog Breeds Home » Dog Categories » Healthiest Dog Breeds . Owning a dog is a big responsibility, owners need to be able to look after it for however long it is with them. As suggested by its name, this dog was initially bred to help in herding cattle. Healthy dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and we are going to start with the healthy large dog breeds. Here are some general guidelines on how to keep small dogs healthy, from puppyhood to their senior stage of life. Boston Terrier Border Terrier. “Poodles tend to live longer than other large breeds and are highly intelligent,” claims Dr. Barrack. They can be extremely active and love to be athletically challenged by their owner. Because Basenjis are sighthounds, they'll chase any prey they see—making them susceptible to injury or even death. One trait that makes him stand out is his high level of intelligence. 6/ Beagle Mixed breed dogs are the result of breeding different purebreds or different mixed breed dogs together. This breed is prone to some health problems but is healthy with the right care and exercise with toys.Just like the Australian cattle dog the border collie is a herding dog that loves to work. Although they're generally considered "purse dogs," Chihuahuas aren't just the divas of the dog world—they've got some serious brains, too. They can live up to 17 years.” Consult our official guide to picking out the best dog breed for you and your family before heading to the shelter. They typically live between 12 and 14 years, making them one of the healthiest dog breeds. Interested in a lap dog? Because they have flatter faces, however, they could develop Brachycephalic Syndrome, a condition that can cause respiratory issues. Their life span is between 12 and 16 years, making it one of the healthiest dog breeds. “The most commonly reported diseases in German shorthaired pointers are hip dysplasia, entropion (the eyelid rolls inward toward the cornea resulting in irritation), and some cancers,” explains Dr. Burch. The Dachshund can make a loving, kid-friendly family dog and, despite its smaller stature, an effective watchdog. These animals are brilliant, active, and friendly, they like physical activities and mental challenges and they are at their happiest when they are busy. RELATED 9 Dog Breeds That Shed the Most Healthiest Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed 1. The Icelandic Sheepdog has minimal health conditions while being great with families and children. Choosing a dog breed that is prone to problems could lead to expensive vet visits, operations, insurance and much more. So why not take a look at this list of the healthier dog breeds to help you pick a dog that will be in your life for as long as possible. Christina Donnelly is a freelance writer and animal welfare advocate. Like other large breeds, however, Poodles may be susceptible to joint issues as they age. These problems, however, can be managed with surgery and rest. 4. Yet another breed that tends to live a long and healthy life, Poodles of all sizes are notorious for being an incredibly healthy dog breed. As one of the healthiest dog breeds, Siberian Huskies live to be about 12 years old. Dog breeds that are most “natural” (like Border Collies from the UK, Shiba Inus from Japan, and Canadian Eskimo Dogs) are the least likely to suffer from genetic diseases. Here are the healthiest dog breeds in the canine world. All dog owners should be mentally ready for the possibility that your pet may suffer from unexpected hereditary diseases at some point in their life, which goes for both purebred and mixed-breed pups. “Fanconi syndrome and anemia are the main concerns, but these are very rare and responsible breeders will have tested parents for them beforehand.” Make sure you know how to tell when your “healthy” dog is showing signs of illness. But they do share their thoughts and feelings with a sound described by many as a yodel. Not only are Poodles highly intelligent, but they're extremely athletic, too. Seventeen of the Healthiest Medium and Small Dog Breeds. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Known for their keen sense of smell and savvy hunting skills, the Beagle is a moderately active, medium-sized dog with an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Share on Pinterest. They are active and faithful dogs with a great capacity for learning and remarkable agility. Chihuahuas, the smallest dogs in the world, are also one of the healthiest dog breeds. It's important to keep your Basenji in an enclosed fence or play area when exercising him or her. Height: 8 to 9 inches from the shoulder in standard size and 5 to 6 inches from the shoulder in miniature Dachshunds, Weight: 16 to 32 pounds for standard Dachshunds and up to 11 pounds in miniatures, Physical Characteristics: Long-backed with short legs, long, narrow faces, and long, floppy ears; coats come in three varieties—short and smooth, long-haired, or wire-haired—in numerous colors and patterns. With the proper diet and exercise, poodles can live to be around 14 years old. 10 Surprisingly Dangerous Dog Breeds if Not Trained Properly. Your dog’s diet is a crucial part of their health—see which dog food brands veterinarians feed their own pets so your pup can get the best meal possible. So amongst the clear winners are some breeds that were mentioned earlier in other “healthiest’ sections: Border Collie, Poodle, German Shepherd, Bichon Frise, and Australian Cattle Dog. 1. It is a hound and is known for its great sense of smell and they live a long life of about 12 to 15 years. Chihuahuas can live up to 20 years with proper health care, according to Dr. Rachel Barrack. Physical Characteristics: Very small statured with larger, round, apple-shaped heads and pointed ears; short-haired or long-haired, and come in numerous colors and coat patterns. They are very affectionate and can live up to 13 years old. Also, this dog breed is one of the oldest canine breeds of America. That includes its medical care and making choices for the good of its health. Check out these 12 dog breeds that generally have longer lifespans and aren't as prone to certain health conditions. “Foxhounds are not prone to having rashes or food allergies and often live up to 13 years.” Learn how much exercise your dog really needs. Poodles have the reputation of being "prissy," but these coifed canines are anything but. With the ability to run up to 45 miles per hour, the Greyhound is considered the fastest dog breed in the world. Plus, due to their smaller stature, Chihuahuas have an average lifespan of 12 to a whopping 20 years. Find out the potential health problems a certain breed may be exposed to and ask for recommendations from friends and family. The Polish lowland sheepdog is a healthy dog that needs a daily workout to remain happy and healthy. Havanese dogs are of a hypoallergenic dog breed that make great lap dogs. Physical Characteristics: Small, but solid with long, silky hair that comes in numerous colors. Top 12 Healthiest Dog Breeds. 1 Australian Cattle Dog. Border Collie. As the name entails, this breed has traditionally been cultivated for cattle herding. Maltese. Basenjis have a long, varied history. 1. Physical Characteristics: Varies based on parents. 2. Another intersection with the healthiest” list is English Springer Spaniel, a loving and vigorous breed. Like many of these other healthiest dog breeds, Basenjis are used as hunting dogs, but also serve as wonderful family dogs. Every dog is different, and there's no guarantee that your dog will or will not develop health conditions. Their lifestyle is the type that demands a full bill of heath. “Only rarely are they prone to food allergies or skin rashes. The Australian Cattle Dogs, also known as heelers, have remained one of the most popular working dogs. Dog Breeds. Have the dog screened for breed-related health problems beforehand to … However, some health conditions and issues still affect this breed. The Hungarian Water Dog, commonly known as a Puli, is a herding dog breed that originated in Hungary and is most-known for its dreadlock-like coat, which is long and corded. This breed is high-class maintenance and requires regular grooming. Labrador Retriever. Physical Characteristics: Very sturdy and muscular with a short, smooth coat that comes in black, brown, fawn, red, and blue shades; may or may not have tan points in their coats, Purple Collar Pet Photography / Moment / Getty Images. By monitoring their breeding stock and avoiding inbreeding, breeders can produce pure breeds that are incredibly healthy. Physical Characteristics: Small and muscular with a short, smooth coat, curled tail, and wrinkled forehead; coat colors come in brown, white, and fawn. German Pinschers require extensive exercise every day to stay healthy, but may be susceptible to hip or elbow dysplasia from excessive activity and hereditary issues. The Australian Cattle Dog is the first one on our list of dog breeds with the least health problems. Border Collie. Chihuahuas, the smallest dogs in the world, are also one of the healthiest dog breeds. English foxhounds are natural hunters and very easy to care for. Like humans, every dog is different, and all pet owners want their pup to live a long, healthy life. Adopting one of these furry friends will bring you many years of good times. • These dogs have a lifespan of 11 to 13 years and prove to be excellent choices for rural families. We recommend our users to update the browser. “Belgian Malinois are nearly always free of kidney and liver disease and rarely have heart conditions or luxating patellas,” explains Trott. With such short fur that they rarely shed, this breed makes a great indoor dog, but they do need a substantial amount of exercise. They first appeared in ancient Egypt; then moved to Africa where they were employed as hunting dogs; and finally, to Europe and the United States, where they were kept as companions. Hailing from Havana, Cuba—and securing the spot as the only dog breed native to Cuba—the Havanese is a small, smart dog that's easy to train and extremely sociable. “They tend to be very food-driven dogs and can over-eat especially as they age, so owners should watch out to make sure that their Malinois does not become overweight.” These are the best guard dog breeds for protection. For the most part, this dog breed is healthy. By using The Spruce Pets, you accept our, The 10 Best Large Dog Breeds for Families. There is no doubt the Border Collie is a very special breed. Because mixed breed dogs have an extremely wide gene pool (unlike purebred dogs), it's less common for them to experience hereditary or genetic disorders. The Hungarian Water Dog, or Puli, only has a handful of potential health problems including hip dysplasia, deafness and eye problems. With their athleticism comes a lifespan longer than other large breeds: On average, Greyhounds live between 10 and 13 years. Shih Tzus are a smaller breed, so they generally live for 10 to 16 years. 7. The Maltese is known for being a gentle, playful, lively and easygoing pup who can make friends with any human as well as any other dog.. While many large breed dogs, like St. Bernards and Newfoundlands, are known for their health issues and relatively short lifespans, the following are some bigger pups that are prone to only a few health issues. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), the most common health problems in popular dog breeds, These are the dog breeds that live the longest, which other dogs are the best for kids and families, official guide to picking out the best dog breed for you and your family, know how to tell when your “healthy” dog is showing signs of illness, which dog food brands veterinarians feed their own pets, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Health conditions seen in Beagles, like progressive retinal atrophy, are usually associated with older age. Also known as the Australian Heeler, this dog breed is still a popular working dog in the 21st century. Dog Breeds. The Australian Cattle Dog. 13 Best Dog Food Brands in Canada. “They are full of energy with a life span of ten to 12 years of age.” See what the cutest dog breeds look like as puppies. Bolognese. She’s worked in the digital media industry for over a decade. 4. This dog breed is immune to most common health issues, and can live 12 - 15 years. Pyrenean shepherds are quite rare in the United States and Canada but fairly popular in Europe. They present little to no health concerns which is always a huge plus. In fact, Poodles were originally bred as hunting and duck dogs. Typically weighing around six pounds, these tiny pups are full of energy and are certainly not little when it comes to personality. As dog breeds go, beagles are energetic and healthy. Nevertheless, they are one of the healthiest dog breeds with endurance and strong athleticism. Dog Food. A Chihuahua is a sassy and charming toy dog breed who boasts a full personality. Like all breeds, however, mixed breed dogs can develop conditions like canine obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. “These sweet African sighthounds are long-lived and have few health conditions for you to worry about,” says dog expert Jeff Carbridge. Due to their hard work and diligence, the 12 dog healthiest dog breeds are: 1) Australian Cattle Dog Height: 15 inches from the shoulder or less; two varieties of the Beagle measure 13 inches or less from the shoulder, Physical Characteristics: Sturdy, solid dogs with short, smooth coats, broad heads, and long, floppy ears; come in hound colors, including tri-color (black, brown, and white), red and white, or yellow and white, Gary Kemp Photography / Moment / Getty Images. Shelter dogs are actually proven to be a bit healthier. Don’t miss more of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds. With the larger gene pool, mixed breeds are less likely to have a recessive disorder. Make sure to check out the most common health problems in popular dog breeds to see if there’s anything you can do to protect your pup. Curious, fit, and always on the go, the Australian Cattle Dog is one of the healthiest breeds for their few hereditary health issues. These very muscular, active dogs are one of Bavaria's oldest breeds and have the long lifespan to match—they typically live for 12 to 14 years. Shiba Inu 4. As a comparatively healthy breed, the Australian cattle dog does not have a history of serious illnesses and may live up to 13 years with proper training and appropriate preventative care. Physical Characteristics: Graceful and athletic with physical endurance; dense double coat that comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and is self-cleaning; blue, brown, or gold eyes, MPirat / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images. Like humans, our furry family members can be susceptible to certain health conditions, such as genetic issues, problems with the skin or coat, allergies, and even heart disease or cancer. Total Health Problems according to Animal: Animal Planet: 0 2016 Popularity Rank: 169. This is because of … Hailing from Havana, Cuba—and securing the spot as the only dog breed native to Cuba—the Havanese is a small, smart dog that's easy to train and extremely sociable. Dogs in this breed are double coated and prefer a mild to cold climate. After speaking to pet experts, we rounded up the healthiest dog breeds that statistically live a long life when on the right diet with enough exercise, regular visits to the vet, and, of course, plenty of love. The Chihuahua is the national symbol of Mexico. Pariah dogs are a great breed to choose if you are looking for a hardy and healthy dog. Top 10 Healthiest Dog Breeds. “But they are also a small to medium-sized dog, which means they don’t have a lot of weight to lumber around that breaks down their cartilage faster.” These are the dog breeds that live the longest. Finding the right dog breed doesn’t have to be complicated. Typically weighing around six pounds, these tiny pups are … The World's Healthiest Large Dog Breeds. After all, they are an important member of the family. These little herding dogs originated in the French Alps and were bred to herd flocks across difficult terrain for many hours a day. According to VetStreet.com, mixed breeds and mutts are known for being especially hardy and … “This is because their genetic pool is wider and they are less prone to hereditary health issues such as hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, or congenital deafness,” says veterinary surgeon Dr. Linda Simon. They can live to be about 15 years old. “Breeders have the responsibility for testing their dogs for these diseases and not breeding them.” See which other dogs are the best for kids and families. Australian cattle dog This energetic breed of dog is renowned for its intelligence, agility, and endurance. The typical Havanese has a lifespan of 14 to 16 years and is generally healthy, but some may have a genetic predisposition to hereditary deafness. Dogs are considered to be a mans best friend. These dogs are a combination of healthy working Border Collies, Dingoes, and other active breeds. It doesn’t have a history of serious illnesses, and may live 13 - 15 years. Mixed breed dogs typically aren't pedigreed or registered, but they can inherit the traits—both good and bad—of their different breed parents. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest dog to ever live was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey who lived to be 29 years old. Known to help ranchers keep herds in check, Australian Cattle Dogs love being outdoors. English Springer Spaniels are believed to be rarely affected by hereditary diseases, although when they do have problems they tend to be eye related. “These dogs live so long because they are naturally active, which means they get a lot of health benefits from exercise,” claims Jeff Neal of The Critter Depot. Redbone Coonhound There's a lot you need to know to make things go smoothly with your new friend. The typical Havanese has a lifespan of 14 to 16 years and is generally healthy, but some may have a genetic predisposition to hereditary deafness. A seemingly small breed, a Beagle is a good-tempered but extremely determined dog that is known for lesser health issues and a hard to train personality. • These dogs require daily exercise in the form of running or simple walk. This makes them more than just a pet, but a part of the family. A medium-sized, active breed, the Australian Cattle Dog can make a great running or hiking buddy for active families. It's important to monitor your Greyhound's eating habits, however—this breed can be susceptible to stomach torsion if they eat too much too quickly. Image : Acuitas / Shutterstock. Check out the 15 cutest small dog breeds. Although there's no guarantee your dog will or won't develop health problems during his or her lifetime, some dog breeds are considered healthier than others. Dachshunds have a longer average lifespan of 12 to 16 years, but it's important to avoid overfeeding your Doxie.
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