As you can see below, these 11 characters of the model number can be further classified as 9 groups to find out key information about a Samsung TV. 2013. The number after that is … If you are not able to get the list of codes for your model Samsung TV screen then here is a list of all updated codes for your TV: Final Words. After 2 years, the company came with the world’s first edge-lit TV followed by a range of LED TVs in 2009. This will differ depending on the features for that individual model. Check the information slip at the back panel of your TV. However, there are two more places where you can perform your Samsung TV model number lookup. Samsung TV models number 2002-2020 lookup, decode explained LED, QLED, LifeStyle Tab-tv - Modified date: 28/08/2020 LG TV serial number, SVC code decoder, 2000-2030 explained Once familiar with the codes you can  learn a lot about a particular TV just from glancing at its model code. 9 Series televisions are the best models that Samsung offers, with the best picture quality and technology features, whereas 5 Series are the entry-level models. LS = Lifestyle TV LST7T = The Terrace 2020. Below is an infographic detailing the history of Samsung TV development during the last 50 years. The format of the Samsung TV model numbers has changed significantly over the past 12 years, especially after the introduction of Smart TVs. ES Slim LED Model. LS01T = The Serif 2020. Q900R = 2018 8K QLED Sony TV models Number . X : Type: X staat voor ultra hd en S voor full hd (enkele 32 inch tv's uitgezonderd, die nog HD-ready zijn). Samsung pioneered TV development with the first curved-screen TV with an OLED display in 2013 and Quantum Dot TV in 2016. They belong to the variants of the same TV, which is Samsung Smart 65″ 4K UHD TV (2018). U for televisions. Samsung TV model numbers use codes to describe the TVs. This website is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher, and/or latest version of Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox browsers. UA65NU8000KXXL is meant for India while UN65NU6900FXZA is the same TV but sold in the USA. The first one is a 75” QLED TV with 4K resolution. F Slim LED Model Search the nearest Samsung Service Centers in your area. LS03R = The frame 2019. Before you can analyze or decode the model number to get information about your Samsung TV, let’s see where you can find it. I hope you were able to decode your TV’s model number and got the Samsung TV information using my guide. The model number also contains the model series of your TV. Samsung’s first monochrome TV was launched in 1970 for the Korean market. Don’t Miss: How to Delete Pre-installed Apps on Samsung TV. Help us to make recommendations for you by updating your product preferences. See the charts below to see what the other codes mean: This number designates the series. The 4-character model code(Q950) explains that it’s an 8K TV with a QLED screen. TX : Alle tv's van Panasonic beginnen met TX. Depending on how old or new your Samsung TV is, its model number could range from 11 to 14 characters that consist of both alphabet and numbers. The first one is meant for India and the other one for the UK (Europe). Suppose the model number of your old Samsung TV (DLP, Plasma, or LED) is UN55KU6300F. By decoding the model number, you can know whether your TV is original is not and other information like its product ID, release code, TV region, screen size, manufacturing year, manufacturing country, tuner type, etc. Q950R = 2019 8K QLED. Let’s see how we can decode them to find out the Samsung TV information. Suppose the model number of your old Samsung TV (DLP, Plasma, or LED) is UN55KU6300F. A Samsung UN49MU6500 is an American 49-inch TV, while a Samsung UN65MU6300FXZA is an American 65-inch TV. You will find the model code printed on it. If you’re wondering where to find product details about your TV, check the About this TV page. Sorry, there is insufficient stock for your cart. All rights reserved. As you can see in the pics attached above the serial number of my TV is 07953NEM600767H.Let’s analyze this serial number and see what it tells about your TV. However, the last 2 values (XY) that constitute the country code, tell that the TV was manufactured in Australia. It’s obvious that just like the serial number of your Samsung Galaxy device and TV, the model number of your Samsung Smart TV can reveal more info that you might think of. I have already written a detailed guide to help decode Samsung TV serial number to find out its country of origin and manufacturing date. Hope these will give you an ultimate solution and will actually be time-saving for you. You can learn more about what the model number of the Samsung TV means from the article Model numbers of Samsung TVs 2002-2020 decoding. Get Samsung TV Information from Model Number, Samsung TV LED Series Model Number (2017+), Samsung TV QLED Series Model Number (2017+), Samsung LifeStyle TV Series Model Number (2018+), Finding Samsung TV Series from Model Number, serial number of your Samsung Galaxy device, Smart TV that could connect to wired and wireless networks, decode Samsung TV serial number to find out its country of origin and manufacturing date, How to Delete Pre-installed Apps on Samsung TV, How to Mirror Android and iOS Devices on Samsung TV, Download & Install LG TV Firmware Update via USB, Turn Off Audio Description & Google Assistant on LG TV, How to Delete Apps on LG Smart TV and Manage Them, Turn on Blue Light Filter on LG TV & Fix Blue Tint, Fix Samsung TV Error Codes 0-1, 001, 012, 102, 105, 107, 301, Turn On Android Phone without Power Button, What Odin Version to Use to Flash Samsung Firmware, Check Samsung TV Serial Number and Decode It, How to Find Samsung TV Model Number and Decode It, Tip for Solving the Most Common Mac Problems, Download Android SDK Platform-Tools (Windows/Mac/Linux). From 2008 to 2016, Samsung mainly produced LCD, DLP, Plasma, and LED TVs. Now, the model number not just reveals the country for which a TV was made but also the country where it was assembled. Q**R = 2019 UHD QLED. Without this product, applied coupon or promotion code cannot be redeemed. These TVs are sold more than QLED and LifeStyle series TVs because they are less costlier. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders Try Prime Cart. Read Next: How to Mirror Android and iOS Devices on Samsung TV. Samsung monitor model numbers from 2017 At the end of 2016 the production of monitors with screens on quantum dots began, in connection with this, changes were made in the designation of the model number of the monitor, the letter identifying the monitor with a … Series: Model Numbers: Best For: Size Range: Price Range: RU: RU8000 RU7300 Curved RU7100: Budget-sensitive shoppers who … Q80, Q70, and Q60 are all steps down in quality, design, or feature set. In 2015, the top of the range Samsung TVs are the SUHD, the 'S' most probably added to indicate a 'Super' model and presumably stands for "Super Ultra High Definition". LS05T = The Sero 2020. The 11-character model number was replaced by a set of 14 values. An "About This TV" screen will pop up, and the model number - called "Model Code" - … LS003 = The Frame 2017. That’s to say if you own a DLP, Plasma, LED (HD, Full HD, UHD, SUHD), QLED (4K or 8K) TV, the structure of the model number could differ. Find out more here. One-For-All Universal Remote: Samsung TV codes: 0587 0178 0093 0060 0030 0019 ... please list the model number of your SAMSUNG TV or the component you are using so we may better assist you. Samsung TV model numbers explained: Samsung QLED TVs QLED is Samsung’s premium HDR 4K and 8K TV range, with models ranging in price from around £599 to £70,000 – yes, that’s four zeros there. As I described above, all Samsung TV model numbers have the screen size (the 3rd & 4th characters, i.e. For easier access, the model code and the serial number of the TVs are located on the right side of it. Anyway, let me explain things in more detail for the sake of clarity for that you can easily get your QLED Samsung TV information easily. There are several ways to perform a Samsung TV model number lookup and find it. LS03N = The Frame 2018. Usually, the 4-5 characters that come right after the screen size contain the Samsung TV Series such as, Q60R, Q70T, Q950, Q800, Q900, Q700, LS03, KS9000, etc. Learn how your comment data is processed. Note that the below model codes refer to models sold in ASIA and Middle East. The model number of the TV is Q60R. As you can see below, these 11 characters of the model number can be further classified as 9 groups to find out key information about a Samsung TV. Q**T = 2020 UHD QLED. For UHD Samsung TVs after 2017, the model number scheme changed to reflect new features and better organization. QLED TVs came with a new structure of model numbers with 13 characters. However, its TVs did not make any mark in the global market until it launched its first flat TV in 1998. Copyright© 1995-2021 Samsung. Samsung discontinued Plasma TV Models in 2015. This shows helpful information if you ever need to check the serial number, find the TV’s current software version, or see other information regarding your TV. Samsung introduced its first QLED TV with Quantum Dot technology at the CES 2017. However, Samsung has stated publicly that that its 2020 wide viewing angle 8K models meet the resolution demands of the Consumer Technology Association’s definition of an 8K TV… This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Q90 shows it's Samsung's most advanced QLED TV. A 2016 UHD TV had a model number like UN55KU6300, and a … LS01R = Serif TV 2019. UA46ES6500. Services and marketing information, new product and service announcements as well as special offers, events and newsletters. Using model UE55F8000AFXZ as an example we can see that: U = LED E = Produced for Europe 55 = Screen size (in inches) F = Manufactured in 2013 8000 […] There are 4 types. The model number of Samsung TVs during the era generally consisted of 11 characters. SAMSUNG 85-inch Class QLED Q70T Series - 4K UHD Dual LED Quantum HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (QN85Q70TAFXZA, 2020 Model) 4.6 out of 5 stars … Skip to main content. LS03T = The Frame 2020. For much newer Smart TV, you can get the model and serial number by going to Menu -> Support -> Contact Samsung You will find the following information. So, how do you find the Samsung TV series from the model number? Every Samsung TV model number starts with the letter U, which indicates the type of device, i.e. This series has TVs from the LED as well as the QLED line and that’s why their model numbers begin with both ‘U‘ for LED and ‘Q‘ for QLED. Below are two examples of model numbers of The Frame TV from Samsung. After 2017, Samsung mainly released LED and OLED TVs with HD, Full HD, UHD (Ultra High Definition), SUHD (Super Ultra High Definition), 4K, and 8K resolutions. Method 1: Samsung Serial Number & Model. The model number of Samsung’s LifeStyle series consists of 14 characters that can be divided into 9 groups. By clicking ACCEPT or continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. After the MU and the first two numbers come a second letter pair. Samsung TV model numbers use codes to describe the TVs. What does it tell you about your TV? EH Hybrid LED Model. Similarly, the second model number tells that it belongs to an 85″ TV. The Series labels are the way Samsung ranks its different models. The second letter indicates the region for which your TV is made: E for Europe, N for the Americas, and A for Australia and Africa. 55, 60, 65, 75, 80, etc.) samsung tv model numbers. On qualifying 2019 Samsung Smart TVs, the model number can be checked by holding the Play/Pause button on the TV remote for more than seven (7) seconds. This site uses cookies. The series is indicated by the letter after the screen size, the year of development of the TV is indicated by the letter at the end of the name or in the middle of the labeling. TU, T on Samsung 2020 TV. Now compare the model number given below. Learn how to get info about your Samsung TV. Between 2008 and 2016, Samsung mainly produced LCD, DLP (Digital Light Processing), Plasma, and LED TVs. All Sony 2020 TVs will have a model number with the letter H. As you can see, there are remarkable differences between them. There are not-so-hidden meanings in TV model numbers. By QA we can conclude that it’s the model number of a QLED TV meant to be used in Asia, Africa, or Australia. Now, take a look at these 2 model numbers. I own a 55″ Samsung 4K QLED TV (2019) which I purchased in India. The R indicates that … A letter can be added after the model year to indicate a difference in the models. The ‘T‘ mentioned right after the model code (Q95) tells that the TV in question is a 2020 model. Sony TVs have a model number that contains information about the series and type of TV. The easiest way to check the model number of your Samsung TV is the. LS001 = Serif TV 2015 Q = QLED Q***T = 2020 8K QLED. The model number of Samsung TVs during the era generally consisted of 11 characters. Using model UA88KS9800KXZN as an example we can see that: 9800 = Series. TU and T identifier of the year of development of the TV model and the beginning of sales. Once familiar with the codes you can learn a lot about a particular TV just from glancing at its model code. Samsung unveiled the Bordeaux TV with an LCD display in 2006. Since the TV has a 3-character model code, it means it’s a 4K TV. De Z geeft aan dat het een oled-televisie is. Geoffrey Morrison helps you decode them, brand by brand. UA40EH5300. The exact specifications of each series will differ by model but generally the higher the series, the higher the specifications on that model. What each alphabet or number in Samsung TV model Number means; Position Alphabet or Numeral What the Alphabet or Number stands for; 1: U, P, L, H or K : U = LED, P = Plasma, L = LCD, H = DLP, K = OLED: 2: N, E or A: N = North America, E= Europe, A = Asia: 3 & 4: 32, 40, 55, 60, etc: Size of the TV in inches: 5: Model year A to H Suppose you want to update the software of your Samsung TV via a USB, you’ll need the correct model number to download it from Samsung’s download page. Samsung TV Cheat Sheet: Series and Models Compared. You can find out the specifications for a particular model by entering the model code into the search area on the Samsung website. Samsung QLED TV Model Number 2019-2020 Explained An example of decoding the model number of a Samsung TV on quantum dots in 2019 QN65Q900RBFXZA QN65Q – everything is clear here, this is the type of TVs on quantum dots. You can find the model number of your TV on the purchase receipt and on the white slip stuck on the carton box your TV came packed in. Please Share Our Remote Control Codes. So, if your TV doesn’t have a Quantum Dot display, you can decode it’s model number as explained below. FH Hybrid LED Model . The LifeStyle TV series from Samsung has a little different structure of model number from the ones we checked above. What HDTV model numbers mean. mentioned in them. Samsung TV codes: 0112 0309 0209 0512 0302 0502 0002 0102 0110 0818 0895 0437 0802 0103 0609 0012 0212. Samsung tv models number 2002 2020 lookup decode explained led samsung tv find the serial number and model support ca 2009 samsung 32 hd ready tv model number le32a456c2d in how to identify a fake samsung tv zimp how to find model code and serial number on tv samsung support. The first Samsung QLED TV was launched in 2018. Are you sure to remove this product? : 55 : Beeldschermdiagonaal in inches. I got a made in India 2019 model 55″ Samsung Smart TV (4K) with model number QA55Q60RAKXXL. Editor’s Pick: How to Fix Samsung TV Errors, Samsung launched a new range of LED and QLED TVs called the LifeStyle series. 65 is the diagonal size, Q once again it is specified that the TV with a screen on quantum dots. The greater the value of the TV series, the more refined and sophisticated it will be. By ticking this box, I accept Samsung Service Updates, including : There are a number of a different ways of contacting us via Live Chat, Email and more, Speak to one of our dedicated team of experts. Then in 2011, the manufacturer introduced the first Smart TV that could connect to wired and wireless networks and let users interact with it. G : Jaar van introductie: G voor 2019, F voor 2018, E voor 2017 en D staat voor 2016. There still are no models of OLED TV in newest Samsung TV lineup in 2015, but in all probability Samsung OLED TV Models 2016 will be there. What does TU, T and RU, R mean in Samsung TV. For older models, you will find the model code and serial number at the back of the TV. In some cases, the model number could extend up to 14 characters, especially the 8K models with Q950, Q800, Q900, Q700, etc.
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