These rubies tend to have a bit more iron than those of the pigeon's blood type. Special L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream shades inspired by some of the world’s most precious stones: - 481 Pigeon Blood Ruby - Pigeon's Blood rubies are the world's most popular and most searched for rubies. ‘pigeon’s blood’ label only granted from Burmese rubies),” Perretti states on his website. It was here the optimal colour, pigeon blood red, was sourced. In this case, labs are asked to authenticate a ruby’s color as the most precious hue of all: “pigeon’s-blood red.” No pedigree, no purchase. If you’re going to Baselworld and you like rubies, you’re in for a treat. Instead of making them broad generic terms, we propose narrowing them to specific “appellations,” just as the French have done for most of their wines and cheeses since the mid-1930s. Pigeon Blood Ruby meaning is primarily associated with its color that matches exactly with the blood drawn from a freshly killed pigeon… A shade darker than pigeon's blood, this color in Burma was traditionally called "rabbit's blood." An exceptional 4.12 carat Pinkish Red brilliant step cut oval shape, natural unheated Burma-Myanmar-Ruby … All rights reserved. Take a look at mine. Have certified papers, true ID. A ruby is a pink to blood-red coloured gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum. However, those with some secondary colors, such as purple, can be worth quite a bit as well. It is understood that the stand-alone term “Champagne” belongs to France. The locality debate has already started in the case of Paraiba tourmaline and ‘Paraiba-type’ tourmaline from other localities, such as Mozambique and Nigeria. but i would only be interested in 1. So when a purplish red ruby is set in yellow, the yellow of the metal cancels out the blue in the purple leaving behind, guess what an almost visually pure red. Pigeon’s Blood Ruby - in Burma, there is a saying that goes, “for the ruby to be perfect, it has to be the same color of a drop or two of blood from a pigeon that is killed, hence the name Pigeon’s blood ruby. What is a pigeon’s blood ruby? Unheated Burmese rubies are going for nearly $1 million per carat on the auction block. The next new source of rubies is—wait for it—Greenland. CEO Ian Harebottle said the the mine has at least a 50-year lifespan and is producing big stones—including a 40-ct. piece of rough called the Rhino Ruby that Gemfields sold in December. Been Gem hunting for 9-10 yrs. This proliferation of reports certifying that stones exhibit “pigeon’s blood red” marks the second great paper chase for lab documents in 35 years. This color is often known as “pigeon’s blood” red and is very rare and highly valuable. Whit my sincerity to my item as something of scientific value as well please see it in Asia Reveal where i uploaded some small part of 881 grams (4,405 carats). “There is simply no way so many stones could deserve this designation.”. Despite the recent easing of sanctions against Burma, the gem embargo remains in place. In 1979, American Gemological Laboratories introduced the first-ever colored stone grading reports. This is the best adsense alternative for any type of website (they approve all websites), for more info simply search in gooogle: Could the same thing happen today as more and more rubies become eligible for the world’s most coveted color-descriptive term, and the category crowds with stones that are “pigeon’s-blood red” in name only? In the meantime, stones from Mozambique are said to rival Mogok’s in color. That is why Pigeon Blood Rubies are considered so valuable. i had investigated its matrix, inclusions, c olor that confuses me why it appears dark blue in light and ray blue. I have 881 grams of carbonado or what they called black diamond or it could be a new kind of gemstone it is polycrystalline. The goods, which are said to come on the smaller side but in a wide range of colors, from pink sapphires to red rubies, should be on the market by the end of this year, says True North Gems president and CEO Nick Houghton. Sorry here’s a link to my take on Pigeon’s Blood. 2019 © Reed Exhibitions. “That’s the beauty of a hard rock deposit.”, Rough and polished rubies from the True North Gems mine in Greenland. Pigeon's blood ruby This extremely rare ruby gets its name from its deep red color. “But, literally, nobody knows.”. Not only is there a lack of production in the Mogok and Mong Hsu regions of Burma, but—for buyers in the United States—there’s also an embargo: the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act of 2003 made it illegal to import rubies and jadeite from Burma. This is another well researched in depth article on a controversial aspect of the colored gemstone industry that is timely and accurate. Pigeon blood is a term for colour so it should not only associate with burmese origin rubies In the case of the jewelry industry, things are reversed. True North Gems has been mining a deposit on the southwest coast of the island since 2005 and recently named Hayley Henning vice president of marketing and development.
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