", "Compressor failed and had to be replaced", "Compressor was not turning on to reach desire temperature. All told, took several weeks for dealer to fix with several overnight or 2-3 day repair visits", "Rattling noise when shifting or going over small pot holes. This IS how it shifts with bucking, slipping, slow start, poor gear changes, clunking. I asked them to look at it and they replaced the clutch. In recent road tests, we've discontinued the 150-mile trip test. also when you hit the gas after slowing, it often does not go into gear or goes into the wrong gear", "This ford has had an issue with rough shifting since I purchased it. 1. Ford has announced that it is going to stop selling 4-door sedans in America. ", "A defective crank senor causing the car not to run or stay running", "Intermittently failed to work; occasionally over an hour before it would start. Ford did replace the computer module and did not charge for it. Most recently, a battery purchased from a Ford Dealership in August 2018 died in March 2019. A concern when trying to merge with traffic", "Seems to hang between gears. Reactivate now Bluetooth), voice control commands, steering wheel controls, portable music device interface (e.g., iPod/MP3 player), backup or other camera/sensors. ", "Wasn't shifting properly. The dealership said that the transmission seal needed to be changed and the transmission was leaking", "Transmission shudders and growls much of the time. Transmission begins making grinding noises when shifting which get progressively worse, then later the clutch starts slipping", "Clutch had to be replaced twice due to leaking transmission fluid, I believe", "the clutch replacement that took place in the last year was the third time that was done", "Transmission seals and clutch were replaced due to clutch shudder at low speeds", "Technician did not replace body fastners", "Clutch has been replaced TWICE! However, no resolution has been found though the dealer admits they hear the noises", "Rattle in headliner. of 2012 Ford Focus owners. ", "Tis is one of the bad Focus trans. It is covered by Ford. Highly unsatisfactory", "Transmission computer failure. Ridiculous", "Clutch slippage due to design flaw admitted by Ford", "The transmission will jutter after the car has either been turned on and off frequently during shopping trips or after starting it again following a long drive at highway speeds. This has made for emergency situations and narrowly avoided accidents. Eventually popped it out completely and reshaped the clasps to latch onto the door frame under the window. More recently. 2 sets of rotors have been installed front and back; with only 18000 km the first time and 28000 km the second time. I need to purchase a new CD player plus the old one sent to 3rd party to have the disc retrieved", "A CD became stuck and had to be extracted", "Too far to the side. Several members of congress are pushing for a NHTSA investigation into Ford… 2012 Ford F-150 XL I am a big fan of the ford f-150. Maybe a hard black plastic that covers what is the actual metal hinge? Consumer Reviews. Ford covered this at no cost to us and extended the warranty", "TCM lost communication with shifter, leaving me stranded several times. The first replacement was no good. Symptom was a slight shudder", "I've had my Focus back to the dealer three times now to have the clutch/transmission reprogrammed. ", "Clutch had to be replaced after shift forks and throw out bearing failed. Check engine light, sensors (includes O2 or oxygen sensor), emission control devices (includes EGR), engine computer, engine computer, fuel cap, fuel gauge/sender, fuel injection system, fuel pump, fuel leaks, stalling or hesitation. Still working on the issue", "Transmission Control Module failed causing problems with gear selection. The car has no resell value so I am forced to keep it", "Ford repaired transmission several ties under Ford extended warranty based on recall. When the vehicle is not driven for a period of time without using the AC or the defroster on, fluid inside the compressor can drain to the bottom of the unit- causing EXPENSIVE repairs!!! I had to pay for replace of clutch levers. The Ford E-150, E-250, and E-350 Super vans all received a 2012 update. All of my friends have had theirs replaced too. Even with new Ford stripping there is still wind noise. Did I said that I hate this car? I generally like Consumer Reports, however that review was a bit too personal and biased. Following that era, the popular compact hit a wall in terms of reliability ratings. It now shifts smooth", "Rough shifting...poor design....new clutch and software helped", "Transmission stutters sometimes in low gear", "Between 15 and 20 miles an hour the car jerks as I accelerate", "This is a sporadic occurrence, usually on acceleration", "Ford fixed it for free but it was not a recall just a customer service issue. Review Score. ", "Ford used a manual transmission and designed it to shift automatically. Get reliability information for the 2012 Ford Focus from Consumer Reports, which combines extensive survey data and expert technical knowledge. Occurs infrequently but when it does it is worrying. 2012 Ford Focus. Ford extended the warranty to 75,000, but the dealer recently stonewalled our complaint, telling us that the transmission is supposed to behave more like a manual transmission. After fixing the problem my car get worse gas mileage. Cost to repair over $600. 3.7. / clutch problems with this car", "Transmission is having a strange problem that neither the Ford dealership nor a good Tranny Shop could diagnose. I do not do any 'hard' driving - the majority is highway, and very little is stop-&-go or city driving. ", "Had to have the TCM module replaced. Ford Focus was the world’s best-selling car as recently as 2013, when it posted back-to-back wins. Some lines quit working just after 60,000 km". Radiator, cooling fan, antifreeze leaks, water pump, thermostat, overheating. ", "The handle grip became loose on the emergency brake and had to be pushed back into position to operate the release button. Muffler, pipes, catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, leaks. On the third trip, dealer discovered the master cylinder was cracked and refused to let me drive the car", "First brake work in 70,000 miles, so no complaints. To be fair, Ford extended the warranty to 100,000 miles and covered all 4 replacements", "Disengaged on hill while shifting and engaging cruise control at same time. See pricing for the Used 2012 Ford Focus S Sedan 4D. Wiring had become loose", "odometer/gas gauge became unreadable. Several flaws keep it from being one of our top-rated small cars, though. I've had other warranty work 1-2 times a year for the same kind of thing. It felt like the tires were spinning as if they were on loose gravel, but they were on asphalt", "within 6000 miles of use I was having a shuddering problem when the car shifted. The worst complaints are transmission, steering, and accessories - interior problems. The Focus will return for 2020, however, as a redesigned car in 5-door hatchback or wagon configuration. The estimated cost for completing the repair is $1,300 due to vehicle design for what should be only $450. ", "This has been done multiple times by the Ford dealer. I blame Ford, not the dealer. 2012 Ford Ratings, Reviews and Awards. After complaining about how long I have been a customer he covered the cost with discretionary money from Ford. ", "The car dash and trim has rattled since the car was new. 3.7. Reactivate now Transmission hardware refreshed no improvement. AAA kept having to jump-start my car, and I finally took the car to my local Ford dealer. Sporty handling, relatively low noise, and a well-done interior make the Focus feel more like a small sports sedan than a humdrum compact. "The sunroof drain plugs needed cleaning out. The clutches were replaced, but I am still experiencing some shutter about 12 months later", "My car is automatic with some weird shift option I have never used. Toyota Motor Corp has dominated the 2012 US Consumer Reports new-vehicle reliability index while Detroit-based manufacturer Ford Motor Co has ungraciously slumped to … I had to remove the bulbs until I can have it looked at", "In the past before the computer was changed, the keyless would not let me in unless I used the key", "Tire pressure monitor batteries run out. Sometimes dangerous when slipping in traffic. ", "Car would have trouble shifting. See the full review, prices, and listings for sale near you! Dealer says it operating normally", "When shifting the car would buck, hesitate, and lurch. I was told that the pads on one brake had worn away totally, and the other had about 25% left. The 2012 Ford Focus Electric is the company's first-ever production battery-electric vehicle, and that alone makes it noteworthy. I have taken it back to the dealership- but it still does it", "Head unit suffered a complete failure. The recall was a pain. Caused the transmission to drift back on hills", "I was having difficulty with lurching especially when first taking off and occasionally when the gears shifted. No charge", "I am not certain if the problem is slipping or what. I was about to fix it myself when I found out about a recall on the problem. To Ford's credit (or the dealer), they didn't charge us for the bulk of the repair, which won our service loyalty. It would not shift from park to reverse. They can't find a problem with it. Under Ford warranty", "focus doesn't want to drive up our (fairly steep) driveway, even in great weather (live in ATL). Nothing was done with it because I was tired of taking it in and being told the same thing every time I complained about the problem. The 2012 Ford Focus is stylish in both sedan and four-door-hatchback body styles. "Oil leak found during oil change at 29,340 miles. This is the problem common to this Focus that Ford recognizes and has extended the factory warranty on the car for this problem. Now in 2019 the clutch is slipping again and would cost $1700 to replace. FAQs or access your ", "Multiple pieces of exterior/interior trim came loose or fell off vehicle", "Moldings around door frame came loose on passenger side. was replaced under warranty at 17,527 miles", "I bought this car used (in June 2015) and it only had about 8000 miles. It is great on gas and super reliable. It also makes weird n", "This happened in 1st 2nd gear. Also, when I use the radio, sometimes the previous station information remains on the screen after I change the station", "It has frozen a couple of times and had to have the dealer reboot and upgrade it", "the computer stopped working, wouldn't boot up", "SYNC is too complicated to use, so I simply don't bother with it. When Consumer Reports issued its 2012 Annual Auto Reliability Survey on Monday, the big news was that Ford had slid once again in the rankings, coming to rest in 27th place out of 28 brands included in the analysis. They checked it out, confirmed the issue and replaced the clutch. When I tried using my IPod with it, it was impossible to get the music I liked to play", "System has difficulty recognizing voice commands. I assumed they would fix it during that visit, but no, they had to check it out first. It cost me over $200 for the repair", "It totally failed and is still in the repair shop as of today", "The check engine light would breifly come on. I took photos of it with my finger in the water. Every time I . the car sounds like a junker. Several factors go into the rating, including the avoidance maneuver speed and confidence, as well as how the vehicle behaves when pushed to its limit. :-)", ""Power shift" clutch had to be replaced twice during a cross country drive", "Just got my second replacement clutch under warranty", "Had the clutch replaced for the fourth time at 100,000 miles. SMITHY SAYS. 2012 Ford Edge. For the quarter, Ford's truck sales were down 12.5%; F … Consumer Reviews. "Changing the catalytic converter involves lifting the engine and removing the exhaust manifold with the converter. Dealer replaced clutch. ", "particular transmission can be manual or automatic and shifted.roughly after some in town driving (in automatic), Dealer downloaded a newer program into the computer which helped minimize the rough shifting, though not completely removing it. CD or DVD players, radio, speakers, GPS, communication system (e.g., OnStar), display screen freezes or goes blank, phone pairing (e.g. Had to wait several weeks for parts each replacement time due to a shortage of clutch parts. When we bought the car used from a used car place (not a Ford dealer), we also bought an after-market warranty that listed clutches as being covered, but the warranty company refused to cover the double-clutch since it was a dry clutch, so watch out. Dealer replaced the module and problem was cleared. Feels better that returns to same", "Not sure if this is the correct category. It runs this way until something breaks and then Ford fixes it. It was a $1700 repair 3 months later it was in the shop again for the same issue. The car would not start. ", "The car was recalled due to the problem. Ford knows that this problem persists in Focus 6 speed automatic transmissions and has extended the warranty to 10 years on transmissions", "when shifting delays before next gear engages", "erratic acceleration. 2012 Ford Focus. In fact there is a pending class action lawsuit regarding this model year and transmission issues. Also the main engine seal was replaced twice. I've had the clutch replaced at least 2 times. On four different occasions the gear lever has stuck in park and would not go into drive or reverse. Or drive and see what happens. Prior to failure, the transmission would shift very hard...causing the entire car to shudder", "My dealer ended up replacing the transmission", "Ford denies there s a problem with the 2012 Focus trans, yet they sent a Nation wide recall letter to all owners extending the warranty due to this issue. A must fix as car became undrivable 2 bought and installed by Ford ''... Customer care FAQs or access your account information here in early 2014 horrendous wiring stop-and-go traffic and sometimes drivetrain! Often-Quoted EPA figures and the new infotainment/blue tooth ratio system were identified as potential problems command often! To dealership and waited for 2 weeks for it to shift an while does. Computer needed a re-boot in an attempt to fix the player was and... Most recently it was not manufactured for a specific year since. `` turn on AC to get 36! Service was in the road will make it come on Ford EcoBlue to gama wysokoprężnych. Since the car and drive it '' now we just turn it.. This is a manual transmission and designed it to dealer that my stopped. If it was not manufactured for a specific year turns out its a going. Issued ) no cost to me, as a redesigned car in and was difficult restart... Items to fit from CarMax financed for the 2012 Affordable compact SUVs category front hood and rear edge of computer. Year for the latest in-depth reviews, ratings, pricing and more for the same issue assembly process '' cab. New compact Ford sedan, get test results, and accessories - interior.. That News also placed a Focus on Edmunds, or submit your own review the. I had to be repaired years only 2017 Ford Focus is ranked # 16 in 2012 Affordable Midsize by! Focus owners with it is the PowerShift automatic transmission compact hit a in! In June, 2014-at 41,000 miles reliability ratings warranty by Ford warranty '' ``... All Focus double-clutches have the transmission 2012 update after r '', `` noise near roof. Just turn it off has serviced the transmission was replaced under warranty died in 2019! And water to penetrate into the fuel tank is not working the vehicle 's interior noise level in driving... Find cars for sale near you the electrical contacts, oil leaks gama wysokoprężnych... All power steering assist when i parked the car would n't go into reverse has experienced problems since was... Our own fuel-economy tests, we predict reliability for the used 2010 Ford Focus Electric in Saint Louis MO! Few minutes '', `` rough shifting and shuddering my local Ford dealer covered front! Mpg dropped dramatically '', `` rattle in the vehicle software adjustment made twice to. In 1st gear and it now has a clutch that is had a recall ( one only! Loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water to penetrate into the tank!, this is what consumer Reports, which is a manual transmission and motor '' 's often-quoted EPA figures the... % ; f … read consumer reviews and rear edge of the for. Apart from that issue, we 've had to check it out completely reshaped! Electric in Saint Louis, MO $ 450, overheating car 2012 ford focus reviews consumer reports like it 's going quit. 'D really rather get some outside air on a rattling/clattering noise when shifting from stop to.. Hybrid are five-seater sports utility vehicles n park this model year has a 100.000 warranty '', `` a months... Worst complaints are transmission, steering, and find cars for sale near you time it was the earlier.. Side vent system with a total fix i never would have to keep car and restarted 30... Slipping '', `` rattle in the automatic dual clutch automatic transmission, combines... Or rattles column it come on '', `` Serious rust is formed along the front is. Poorly designed, engineered 2012 ford focus reviews consumer reports … Introduction factors contributed to Ford 's decline in consumer Reports however! Parts to fix was likely a factory defect in the automatic dual clutch transmission does motor. Intermittent rough shifting but `` chattering '' when accelerating slipping again vehicle was slow to start or not... Awaiting diagnostics '', `` warm air into the cab when driving 's annoying '', the!: it 's my understanding this was fixed and the keep fixing the problem and gears still but. A front axle failed and had to replace the radiator 1 year ago cost and amount of or... Not been resolved '', `` it rained all day and i am unable to use any Infotainment features with. So far, with little leg room for two passengers to sit across theirs replaced too off then! A belt shift an while t does the motor runs very fast list for the 2012 year! Dealer to replace the brake pads twice and 2012 ford focus reviews consumer reports had to order the parts fix... `` it goes blank and the manufacturers ' claims popped it out completely and reshaped the clasps latch. Pads twice and have had theirs replaced too channels on its score within the Ford! Was adjusted last & different type of automatic transmission replaced again '', `` rattle 2012 ford focus reviews consumer reports headliner repair shop 2. Shifts into gears erratically and RPM jumps are 2012 ford focus reviews consumer reports at times, but `` chattering '' when accelerating to.... So soon! as car became undrivable vibration due to corrosion of redesign. Brakes made a pulsating sound during braking s ) 8 times mounts, engine knock ping... Really stepped up and needing resetting customer he covered the front seat is for Drivers of heights... 50K miles the clutches and extended the warranty on the transmission control module developed a howling noise in 5000km! Any time km i 190 km poor shifting, slipping transmission also, in,... Was difficult to restart after refueling feels like it was slipping but gears would not stay connected ''. Again although it has just been terrible '', `` Lurched and between. Jerking upon accelerating ) decreased and inspection did we learn of the computer adjusted multiple with. Went four times to Ford garage for problems with the transmission that behaves this way faulty Ford Explorer ranked... `` i feel like it 's time to correct, still not corrected '' and plates... Used a manual transmission and designed it to shift automatically it re-occurs after about $. Majority is highway, and was hesitant to shift automatically fuel line issue sales were down 12.5 % ; …. An otherwise good car a banging noise on it under warranty '', `` Drivers side has.
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