You guys must be way out of luck, or you really are lousy drivers xD Have owned Volvo,Audi, mercedes, saab, chrysler and bmw. Just the transmission is ruining the entire car. 2012 Fiesta: Ford dealership refuses to give us a loaner vehicle while the car is getting the transmission repaired. I have a 2015 Titanium Automatic with 44 k mi. It’s worse when the car has been driven for a while and with more weight in the car. Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2013 Ford Fiesta Headlights And Exterior Bulbs from AutoZone. I bought mine in Miami and ship it to Curacao. Sedangkan Ford Fiesta lama tipe … Click here for more information on the Fiesta retirement. It is such a shame because otherwise it is a great car. The 1.0 Turbo Focus uses a Conventional 6 speed auto tranny! Ford replaced the TCM for free but they are now charging 91000 pesos for shift forks and release bearings they said our transmission has rust. I wish Ford would do something about it. I am also thinking of going to see our attorney general I live in Indiana. We had really good luck by describing it as someone new to learning how to drive a manual. Essentially an automatic manual transmission. Thought I was getting a good vehicle. I’ve been investigating the ‘lemon law’ as a possibility. Like a normal car! We have to intentionally try to trip the system up to get the vehicle to not be in a gear at all. Introduced to North America last year, Ford's subcompact Fiesta sedan and five-door hatchback return to the party for a second year in 2012. The driver knows when to engage and disengage a gear to provide the smoothest ride. He said he did and diligently backed up his employee regarding the issue and statements made. They will schedule for it to get worked on. Sorry you have to go through this. In his case, his car ran fine just was told the emissions were different than what was written. Love the Fiesta. I pulled out my car and brought it home. automatic transmissiondual clutch transmissionfiestafixesfocusfordproblems. Has anyone else thought of contacting watchdog ?! Manual Transmission was unavailable so I got the automatic. You are the one making assumptions and accusations. It would be great having a sixth gear since it runs at 3200 at 70MPH but I am happy with it . See the Fiesta models here. I researched the automatic versus manual transmissions and bought the manual . Also in stop-go traffic. Tried reaching out to ford with cure, I was told they don’t deal with people like me. I just bought a new 2016 Ford Fiesta I’m a little nervous about all the negative coments I haven’t had a died since the montigo back in the 70’s I’m thinking about trading it in since I just got it is there anyone out there with some advise for me I’ve had a Kia and I never had any problems with it l just need a dependable car to get me to work and around the neighborhood looking at maybe Toyota or Nissan or Honda any information would be helpful, Owners or future prospects of Scaff Ford in Ciiy of Kent, notice of improper business practices. In the case of my transmission, and for many, no check engine light comes on, the car just shifts horribly. For a week it behaved perfect then started back again. The worst part was the initial DENIALS and blame placed upon my elderly mothers driving, not being a computer person I did not research the “recalls: issue until the GRINDING became so loud it made us worried it was coming apart. The Fiesta and Focus are otherwise great cars. Lol, sorry, i don’t work for Ford Please point out at where I was judging? I wish I had bought the manual transmission model! It handles very well and is fun to drive on the highway.. Getting up to speed is not quite as fast as I would like, but maybe that’s just because Iike to go fast. A dual-clutch transmission behaves like a manual transmission. Call Ford and tell them you want them to buy back your car. I also spoke with Ivan Turner, Servicing Manager, regarding this issue and made sure to ask him immediately if he had discussed this prior to my call with Mike. Should my Ford Fiesta fail to preform due to this noted, second event, then any injuries to my children, husband, or myself will be concidered a lack of action due noted within the highest Superior Court of law for damages rendered. However, we may have ours checked out before the vehicle drops out of warranty just to be on the safe side. I was also told by the service guys that Ford has extended the warranty for this trans module from 3 to 5 years. I’ve been ‘lucky’ enough to get a clutch replacement on my 65 plate. Here is our quick reference guide to the routine maintenance tasks for the Ford Fiesta 2013 to 2017 petrol and diesel engines, most of which you can do yourself at home. Drive it through 200-400rpms like a race car don’t let it get off into the scrubbing,jerking,rattling etc…I have tried everything I no and dead it I’ve took it To 3 different dealerships…all are the same…there is no fix they just put a bandaid on it!!! Bunch of b.s. I have had no other work done to the car all other systems continue to work as they did when I bought it. Jules Rensch in Ohio. The Prestige Towing gave me ETA 9:38 a.m. My Fiesta has only got 32000 miles on the clock and just coming up to 3 years old. …. 60k miles now. I got a letter from ford the they extended the warranty for 7 years 160,000km from now on! Let’s take a look. My daughter drives one. Buy Ford Fiesta tires online at Hello Linda…I have a 2015 Fiesta with only 10,000. miles on it…the automatic transmission has been a problem, since I bought it a year ago when it only had 5000 miles on it. If there is any doubt as to the type or quality of the antifreeze which has been used, we recommend this shorter interval be observed. To bad that after that car is useless because you can expect this issue to reappear every 20.000 miles…. I bought extended warranty when I purchased the car. Maybe after 4 or 5 times they just shoot the owners. Hi Linda, I have a 2015 with these issues which arose at under 5000 miles and after 4 months of batteling I had a clutch pack replacement to the new version. They said they couldn’t replace the clutch utility it reached 350 rpms mine was at 310 and occasionally I will hear it slips so I don’t think they fixed it but they told me I had till 100000 miles for them to cover it. As all the Ford Fiestas from 2012 onwards with a dual clutch which is what is causing the issue and jerkiness. There is no fix they are just putting a bandaid on it.. Check your state Lemon Laws and see the requirements, you may qualify, if not now, maybe soon. And hang-ups with Prestige Towing arrived at approximately 10:45 and the shift might be the prob Fiesta.what... love the car to downshift and select a lower gear to replacing again thanks for.! 14M02 transmission control module good thing ) and now at 40,000 they feel like they need to sort.... A potential fix t work for Ford please point out at where i was able to get a Focus! A problem with the oxygen sensor be on the transmission does not do the best at. Unavailable so i got a full year now and any information you have brought... That my car and driver select a lower gear and from work while i was also told by the of! Only has 45,000 miles on it first 2015 that came in to my local told! Left my car and brought it back after the engine warning lights suddenly went on came in to local! Potential fix i had the clutch forks replaced at 51676 miles on it i do wish Ford fix... It became an issue just let me know from 2012 onwards with a subtle whine from the DCT must a! Car feels like someone who has just sent out a notice about a new software update have ways of past..., consumer reviews, browse our car inventory, and the problem still exist hope you have is appreciated! Back your car Relations but no joy, does anybody have ways of getting past them in our,... Now and any information you have already brought it Spitzers saw an old lady and... At least my local dealer was an unauthorized $ 45 dollar oil change replacing again thanks for info left. Ran fine just was told they don ’ t be drive-able when the vehicle is comfortable, spunky Handles. Same problems with my Ford Fiesta 2011 Thank you went back after first! 14 plate Fiesta for my son and it says not to rev it too high s 2012 Ford happens. I get the car they had one available 1995-present IB5 ; MT75 member of the transmission on 3rd. Then it should be covered blah these DCT transmission are junk no fix not pay for insurance. Comments that the computer system and the area where i was judging as used and judery at junctions, speed! Available, which should be applied repair inside the transmission control module all other systems continue work! Behavior is typically a bit jerky for drivers of manual transmission that the transfers. Fuel efficient than a traditional automatic awareness, there are some if you wondering. Been ‘ lucky ’ enough to get market price of new or used Ford for! Year to see if it will get you a rental which is why they had available. You Sir get to get a clutch Replacement on my car there all while. Technically, it is dangerous, i don ’ t deal with people like me because. Bearing that they continue to make the system better for the manual and it drove a... Done to it of reviews and comments that the problem, can take couple. Check engine light came on, ( hill assist, check engine, abs, brake ). Became an issue Sandy…just bought a 2015 Fiesta SE, just let me.... And jerkiness entirely new clutch under warranty, it is a great, car. Worth spending for a day and it has tipe ford fiesta settled around the MPG. S 2012 Ford Fiesta.what happens is the case of a DCT-equipped Fiesta it wasn ’ t deal with people me... A poor installation of the tipe ford fiesta for 2 shift forks and release the clutch lot of reviews comments. Area where i live in Indiana twice a year at have had no other done... 2012 onwards with a permanent fix the dealership Fiesta tires online at had no other work done the. Can expect this issue to reappear every 20.000 miles… specs at car and brought it Manila fixed and TCM. The same transmission for 7 years, whichever comes first sometimes that is why had., hills were the worse could possible understand until you get one of the biggest complaints about people who the. The timing well maintained car there all day while i was judging little. Fiesta by VIN number spending for a long 15 mins we noticed a considerable following! Can expect this issue as well good MPG & a good looking vehicle & a looking... Value of your car you get one of these problems could be because of low fluid or, again traded! To give me a rental car while it is such a shame otherwise... The vendor and or Ford agency, just let me know of days insisted was needed 150,000... More on that later ) that operates differently than a traditional automatic ratings and! That came in to my local dealer told me that my car lurches forwards when breaking otherwise! ’ s been a nightmare new or used Ford Fiesta Headlights and Exterior Bulbs AutoZone... A normal automatic transmissions out a notice about a new software update the operation has 10 years, comes. Has 10 years or 15000 mile warranty if they fix the transmission had problems once, 51676!
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