It's never boring to me bevause i love ffxiv more than any games and been playing for 4 years with my same and unique character. Scholars Why are Scholars so boring … For Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Scholar 5.0 Fairies: Eos vs Selene". So I've been playing FFXIV again and was deciding on new alts to choose and was curious what jobs people like / dislike that they've tried. Black Mage for instance is just a sublime spin on Arcane Mage at level 80 that has made it impossible for me to go back to my WoW Mage. From reddit 6 months ago, there was a job satisfaction survey, and the results: For me: - BLM - I always thought this was a fun job. It really doesn’t feel like a Summoner. 16. What does the Egi say to the bad summoner? At 80 it still feels a bit overly complicated. It's interesting. 08-24-2020 09:12 AM #263. Why do people dislike summoners? Bard - I signed up to be a support class, not an archer. FFXIV’s Summoner has gone through quite a few transformations over the years… Historically, SMN’s are a reasonably mobile caster class. That's a lot of fun to me than fewer, more repetitive options which I find more boring. Every class I've played so far is really boring early on and I'm sure it gets a lot more fun at 70+ but I'm still going through the main story and using Summoner… Some dps are clunky to me, like Summoner, but overall I give FF14 the edge. And unlike summoner, it's not even fun on its own terms. In fact, it’s one of the stronger DPS in the game right now. The problem with Summoner is what it always has been. While their “multi phase” rotation is a little too much to swallow for some, it’s a welcome challenge for some. Knowing how to play a job to it’s best potential is usually when you can tell if a job is fun, tedious, or flat out boring. Loved, loved that FFXI was actually willing to create a class that broke the trinity, and coming from that FFXIV's bard is a major disappointment. A Rock Star. Summoner. They [Ruin] everything. Summoner has one of the highest number of AoE sequences to consider due to target count, timers and what actions are presently available. You make me [Sic]. Solid 7/10 as a DPS class on its own, 3/10 as a summoner class. I prefer healing in WoW (it's so boring in FF14) but dps in FF14 is more engaging imo. Not to mention Firebird Trance and Demi-Enkindles are among the more satisfying … And if you still would invite a summoner, letting him [ruin] everything is still better than having a [tri-disaster]. <3 (0) Reply … Summoner checks in at number 16 not because it’s weak. KadaRemnant. I wish there was a way to test out classes without having to grind them to level 70 at least. Summoners What does Titan-igi want to be when it grows up? NO! The egi summons are hideous and don't make you feel like a summoner, the DOT emphasis is kinda meh, and low level dungeons are absolute snorefests. First of all, to get this out of the way: As of Patch 5.3x, do I think that Summoner needs any adjustments or buffs to its numerical output? SAM - It feels super strong, but I personally find it a bit boring since you're doing the same rotation for the most … In terms of damage output, for both personal and raidwide dps, Summoner … In fact, Summoner might still be a bit too strong numerically, but definitely not by enough of a margin to really imbalance anything at this point. Summoner was pretty boring all the way up to when you unlock trance around lv 60. Haurchefant is the worst thing to happen to Final Fantasy XIV: A Heavensrealm Stormbringers Going all the way back to Final Fantasy III, Summoner (called Sages and Evokers back … Reply With Quote.
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