The overwhelming majority of professional bassoonists state that over 60% of successful bassoon playing can be linked to having a good reed. Cart; Checkout; Logout; Contact Us! With each product, our reed-makers have taken the utmost care to provide the highest quality possible. Composers regularly require the bassoon … After Sherer, A=415 Hz. Your feedback and comments are welcome. The Sanding Channel supports the cane as you sand smooth the gouged side of the cane....comes with illustrated instructions. Baroque bassoon: After an Eichentopf instrument in Nürnberg, A=392 or 415 Hz. Oboe Reeds English Horn Reeds d'Amore Reeds Apparel Accessories Books/CDs. No … Rigotti Bassoon Reed Wire Made of soft brass, Rigotti Bassoon Reed Wire is popular among reed makers. Barton Cane only sells gouged, shaped and profiled cane, however, we highly recommend the following reed makers who use our cane: Amanda Turley: Angry Duck Reeds: Reed makers often mix different gauges of wire for the 1 st, 2 nd, or 3 rd wires to improve different characteristics. Premium quality professional 5 bassoon reeds (GHYS CANE) FREE SHIPPING! ... the reed maker will have fixed the wires precisely, and each time they are adjusted brings them further from their intended shape and tightness (which is sometimes difficult to reverse if the wires are too mis-shapen or develop kinks). Bassoon Reeds; Bassoon Reed Blanks; Bassoon Reed Cane; My Account. VINTAGE OBOE BASSOON REED BUILDING KIT REAMER BLOCK TOOLS FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING. The important point to take away from this is that if you scrape one area of the bassoon reed you must scrape that … From May 2016 I have been producing an improved bassoon reed - a perfect balance between cane, gouge, profile and tip thickness to give a reed with a beautifully balanced, warm, round sound and easy reliable response over the entire register. 38, 1985 Author: William Waterhouse TItle: More Reed Makers Instrument: Bassoon Journal: The Galpin Society Journal A stamped bassoon reed came with a bassoon. Learn more about my reeds. Finishing both bassoon and oboe reeds requires the reed-maker to scrape along the cane section of the reed with a scraping knife to specific dimensions and lengths depending on the reed style and the musician's preference. The aim of this blog is to share my thoughts on a number of bassoon related topics. In my opinion, the reason that they developed the tapered gouge technique for bassoon reeds was because the cane was, in general, soft. Bassoon Reed Blanks. Bassoon Topics; Miscellaneous Topics; Oboe Topics; COVID-19 Reed Sanitizing. Visit the Bassoon Reeds and the Bassoon Reed Blanks pages for a full list and description of Bassoon … Since there are a number of bassoon makers out there I thought I would write a list, in alphabetical order, dividing them into student, intermediate and professional level instruments. This ensures that every reed you receive is of the highest quality and ready to … The spread of COVID-19 has brought conversations on health and hygiene to the forefront. For example, if your order is placed and paid for at 1 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, Woodwind & Brasswind will ship it on Monday. The WEAIT MUSIC bassoon reed-making Beveling Tool with Sanding Channel is two tools in one. Due to the modular design, tight tolerances and ease of use you can change over between reed types, or … Case, reamer … He was a winner of the Eastern Music Festival's concerto competition, where he played the first movement of the W. A. Mozart Bassoon Concerto with orchestra, and he performed at the 2014 International Double Reed Society Conference in New York City. Bocals for modern bassoon. Bassoon Topics; Working with … reed maker and bassoonist. The Beveling Tool allows the reed-maker to create an even bevel on all four sides of the tube. The bassoon maker’s list is as follows: Student bassoon makers … He has studied reed-making under the … Each bassoon reed is tested vigorusly and undergos through inspection before being sent out. This topic has 11 replies, 10 voices, and was last updated 14 years, 1 month ago by mike nahas. Dr. Sara McCallum Addams, bassoon Remarks and comment to: Hans Mons Copyright 2000-2011 by Hans Mons.. Each bassoon reed maker has a personal preference for the wire gauge selected to make… 2 months ago. The objective approach to my reed … It is not complete but will come as shown with the block. However, you may find that the wires need adjusting … After years of research and development, Eric Moulder and Tony Millard have replicated two baroque bassoons (pitched at A-415 … All Reed Machines products have the same unique modular design. All my Reeds are totally Guaranteed! The main efforts of a reed maker go into 'balancing' the reed. Keep in mind that wires may also be replaced to attain certain characteristics in your reeds. Boston ... Bremer Bassoon reeds Joop Bremer - the newest entry into the small group of professional reed makers. Workshop pictures ; Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd. (was Wood) Av. Makers; Reed Tips; Fingering Charts; Music; Links; Bulletin Board; Contact Us; Bassoon Makers. Andrew Burn Historical Bassoonist Andrew Burn Historical Bassoonist and Reedmaker "Brilliant" - Katevents blog, September 2016 Biography Projects Some issues you may find with reeds can include: finding it hard to tongue fast, low or you may find high register is hard to play, the reed is too 'dark', the reed … Oboists and bassoonists know that handmade reeds … As an oboist and professional oboe reeds maker, I carry reed making tools that I use myself. Classical bassoon: After Bühner & Keller instruments, A=430 Hz. Home › Forums › Reeds › The Bassoon Reed Room › Bassoon Reed Makers Use Dull Blades? Need help knowing what book to start with or what tools to get? Bassoon Reed Cane. Bassoon and oboe reeds are finished when the reeds play in tune or can make a sufficient "crow"-like noise. Woodcut by Weigel (1698) Moulder and Millyard Baroque Bassoons Link to company web site. Hello and welcome to the official Double Reed Ltd. bassoon blog. Before being able to adjust your bassoon reeds you must first decide what is wrong with the reed, it is no use simply saying the reed is 'bad'. In truth, I often view the field of reed making—and bassoon playing in general—to be somewhat rigid in the face of our … In his hometown of Blacksburg, Virginia, he was a featured soloist with multiple ensembles performing the von Weber Bassoon … We … Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total) Autho Guaranteed Quality. Citation: Vol. Shop. Hopefully these will be of use to those of you interested in bassoon playing! Jinju Carlson This is a new bassoon reed business website. Bassoon Reed-Making Tool Kit Recommended (Kit 1) $150 Fox holding mandrel Fox forming mandrel Chiarugi DHG knife Drying rack, wood, holds 5 pegs Christlieb forming pegs (5) Pliers, needlenose Duco cement Wire, 22 gauge Easel X-ACTO #1 knife Ruler, metal, 6″ Plaque (plastic) Double-ended string, FF Cutting block Razor … I love sharing great products that help customers to make their best oboe reeds. These are all must-have items for any bassoon player and reed maker. Various: Scraping tools. Also, … “While many successful reed makers sell a standard template, as I do myself, Basso Vento Bassoon Reeds also provides the choice of materials, reed shapes, and the difference of student and pro reed styles. Within your instrument group you can use one base machine with different reed related sets. … All of our bassoon reeds are handmade (we never sell machine made reeds!) The instruction of several bassoon reed makers and years of bassoon reed making and performance have refined my subjective approach, which I will share with you in this article. I specialize in providing you with handmade oboe reeds and oboe reed making supplies of the best value. Check him out. Music and Vision An interesting double reed article written by Jennifer … Reed-tip profiling machine. All our bassoon reed makers sanitize their reeds before sending them. Maker of fine handcrafted bassoon reeds since 1986. Cane profiling machine. ReedMaker Reed Shop I provide quality Oboe, English Horn and Oboe d’Amore Reeds to the Professional and Student oboist. Copy at A=430 Hz of a Heinrich Grenser instrument. Educator, Performer, Reed Maker. How to Adjust Bassoon Reeds Diagnosing Your Bassoon Reeds. As bassoonists, we are called upon to produce sounds at the loudest and softest end of the dynamic spectrum. About BB Reed Co. Bassoon Resources. Your Custom Text Here. This should give you an idea of where to start the search for your perfect bassoon. As a bassoon reed maker I know what I do and how I achieve a reed I want. In addition, bassoonists may even add a 4 th wire to the reed, for further control. There is No Risk! As a director of Double Reed Ltd., I get the opportunity to regularly try out different bassoons by different makers… What makes a good bassoon reed? by a very select group of reed makers, with the highest quality cane and wire. photo by Martin Chiang. Our reeds here at the Butler University Bassoon Reed Company are student-made creations. winnetka california. Bassoon cane processing machines help the reed maker prepare the cane quickly and efficiently to make the bassoon reed. Check out offers for new and existing customers on the Order page. For… 7 months ago. 22 gauge Orders are generally shipped the following business day after payment is received. One of the reasons why arundo donax … 3 Different styles: German style (shaft 28mm blade 28mm) Italian style (shaft 26mm blade 28.5mm) American style (shaft 30mm blade 28mm) Shape forms: Rieger 1a Rieger2 Thunemann Danzi(standart) FOX1 FOX2 For your consideration is my preowned Vintage bassoon/Oboe reed building kit. Shop. You don't need separate machines for different reed types. Romantic bassoon: After a Wiesner instrument, A=430+ Hz. Since most reed makers made both oboe and bassoon type reeds, why didn't they use the same techniques for making oboe and bassoon reeds? Balancing the reed means that the reed is symmetrical on either side of the spine and on both sides of the blade, this allows the reed to vibrate at its best. The Ancient Concerts in London is where Dobritz played. He uses diamond gouging and profiling machines. Facebook; Contact us through email; Navigation Menu. Shop. More Reed Makers: File Size: 138 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. I enthusiastically agree with this statement. bassoonist and reed maker vigder's bassoon supplies August 1976 – Present 43 years 2 months. Specializing in custom professional bassoon and contrabassoon reeds, BB Reed Co. provides the highest level of precision and craftsmanship on all of our reeds, student through professional. Andrew Burn Historical Bassoon Reed Maker and Bassoonist. Bassoon Reeds & Blanks. Bassoon Reeds. Reed … What You Need to Know. Our reeds are suitable for all bassoonists—from beginners all the way to professionals. Doctor Federico Rubio 51 28039 Madrid Spain: Tel/Fax: +34 91 450 30 50 Email: Web: Baroque bassoon: After J.C. Denner, … Years of Experience; A Professional Performer; Years of Experience; Andrew has many years of experience making reeds for both Heckel system and historical bassoons. Products. On another note, bassoon reeds … But as a teacher, how do I impart this to students? About the Maker. Three reeds were stamped with an H. The Importance of Cane Selection in Historical Bassoon Reed … It can also be assumed that there has been quite enough time between when the reed maker last played on the reed and when the customer gets it since they are shipped to our shop first and then shipped to the customer's home.
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