Filed Under: Decor & Accessories, Home & Garden Tagged With: ChoiceDek, composite decking, MoistureShield Decks, painting, porches decks and patios, stairs and railings, TimberTech Deck. And they both really seem to care about the customer. ChoiceDek is sold exclusively through Lowes stores, and MoistureShield is sold by everybody else in North America. Most are lighter, rather than darker (…and redder, rather than browner). The remedy the company suggests is "periodic cleaning" with a mold-killing cleaner. Timbertech will provide new boards if its capstock decking fades more than 5 Delta E units over the 30-year lifespan of the decking. So they use recycled plastic, rather than virgin plastic for their decks. The company manufactures deck boards in two profiles: a rectangular board with flat edges and a board with grooved edges intended for installation with the company's proprietary Fastenator® hidden fastener system. The reviews assume that you have read all of the parts of this series that precede this part and understand the terminology and basic processes of how composite decking is made. Specifically excluded from warranty coverage are mold, mildew, and staining, fading or color changes and "normal weathering", whatever that is, any damage from the application of a "surface chemical" not recommended "in writing" by TimberTech. The Classic boards are extruded with a scalloped bottom, so they are not reversible, and only with a grooved edge in the same three colors. Manufacturer: The name, address and other contact information for the manufacturer of the decking. GAF renamed both products. Both of these companies produce high-quality decking products. The difference is puzzling since the two brands are actually the same product. Overall Score 4.4 Decking and Hardscape First, you walk out the front door and notice the paint on your wood decking … The Dirt Test: The MoistureShield planks can be placed directly on the ground, or near dirt (think: deck planters can be made from this stuff). Fading of 3 Delta E units is undetectable by most people, and 5 Delta E units represents slight fading. products are no exception. The material comes in two grades: TerraDeck Classic and TerraDeck Premium. A 9 Delta E color shift or more, however, probably going to be noticed. 144014. authors Kacey Larsen | April 18, 2019. In fact, the stain and fade warranty specifically excludes mold and mildew staining from coverage. Transcend is available in ten wood-tone colors including gray, and its porch flooring board in two more. Trex, founded in 1996 by former executives of Exon Corporation, is easily the 800-pound gorilla of the composite decking industry with a market share that is consistently over 80%. Some manufacturers, however, do not provide a copy of their MSDS documents online. Surface attachment. The product's capstock is not a full wrap. Wood absorbs moisture. The number of customers involved has been estimated at $150-200,000. GeoDeck claims to be the "best overall composite decking solution in the industry.". Actually, they are somewhat below average and do not stand out in any way except the registration requirement. The company was revived in 2010 with a new name in its original location in Torrington, Wyoming, and now produces decking. Ask for paper copies before you buy. You, as a potential buyer of the product, should keep that in mind. This has garnered the company a lot of attention in ecological circles, and a lot of friendly press. However, the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CMCC), which certifies building products for use in Canada, requires all MoistureShield boards to be installed on joists spaced no more than 300 mm (12 inches) inches center to center, and most installers use a 12" joist spacing to provide a level of rigidity that feels more like real wood. Discover how our Solid Core has helped prevent structural field failures for more than 30 years and why that matters for your outdoor living space. The warping and twisting can be so severe that it detaches the deck board from its fasteners. However, this is an organic color, and in general organic colors tend to fade more than non-reactive chemical colorants. Because the board is hollow, exposed end cuts have to be disguised with a special glue-on end cap or hidden under a trim board. Fiberon describes its composite decking as "ultra low care" due to its patent-pending proprietary "non-organic" (meaning "plastic") capstock wrapper which it calls Perma-Tech™. It's not clear whether it is still made. We are unable to find an MSDS for ProTect or Sanctuary decking. Our reviews are based on our hands-on experience with the product and tests and studies by organizations such as Consumer Reports® and other independent testing organizations, for example, Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories, to help us decide how one composite decking material compares to another. The density of the material makes it very resistant to impact damage, such as dents. Shortly after the Consumer Reports recommendation, Correct Building Products, severely hit by the housing recession and facing a possible class-action lawsuit for mold problems with its non-capstock decking, declared bankruptcy. Surface attachment and proprietary hidden fasteners. But synthetic plank decking offers good looks with less upkeep. It suggests that mold and mildew can be "easily removed" from TerraDeck products using cleaners identified on its website that include chemicals that inhibit mold and mildew formation. We don't even try to keep track of them all. Exactly where the moisture comes from that needs to escape, Trex does not say. The MVP has a different profile with a corrugated bottom, intended to reduce weight with little sacrifice in rigidity. Of considerably more interest to us is the use of the wheat straw filler to provide color to the material rather than adding pigments. Accents is the successor to Trex's original non-capstock WPC product. The premium boards are flat on top and bottom, so they are reversible and available with grooved edges (for hidden fasteners) or with flat edges (for surface fasteners). What we don't know at this point, because the products are so new, is how well they hold up. If terms like "capstock" and "extrusion" are not familiar ones, you would probably benefit from starting at the beginning. ChoiceDek, the Lowes proprietary brand equivalent to MoistureShield Essentials, is available in three colors: brown, redwood and gray. Before you build (or buy) a log home, I have a slew of helpful tips for you -- to plan, design, build, decorate, and maintain your very own rustic modern log home. But, the fact that GeoDeck offers trim boards, is a big plus. for use with its products, and the use of any other hidden fastener may void the A.E.R.T. Includes a warranty against fading of more than 5 Delta E units. The filler, according to the company website, is rice hulls which do not absorb water, and recycled waste paper (which does). They are sold under several trade names as Fiberon products and as private brands sold by Home Depot. round pools) rather than resembling wood boards in any way. MoistureShield PRO is a capstock board introduced in January 2015, which is essentially MoistureShield Vantage capped with a polyethylene plastic wrapper. GeoDeck claims that its boards are stiff enough to be installed on 24" on-center joists and still feel firm underfoot, not "springy" like some other decking material. Overall, a series of scratches might be more noticeable than one would like with TimberTech’s Earthwood line. Both are made from the same materials. Without this registration, the company says it will not honor the warranty. However, unlike Fiberon and Trex, GeoDeck does not warranty its products against fading or staining. Lifetime non-prorated, material only, 25-year guarantee against staining or fading. This test did not include MoistureShield PRO. Amount of “virgin plastic” used: The core of their business is recycling. But, on the boards we examined, the installation seemed to be more than adequate. Trex will not pay the labor to replace the materials, or the cost of freight to get the new materials to your driveway. A Delta E Unit is a measure of overall change in the color of a material. First, you have to clean the deck yourself following a very strict regimen specified by Trex. Fiberon offers a 25-year warranty on its capstock products. The decking has no track record to speak of. Trex has reportedly failed to respond to claims, refused to honor valid claims, used a variety of technicalities to avoid paying claims, and imposed unusual requirements on claimants, including demanding that the customer sign a release of all future claims and a non-disclosure statement as conditions of honoring its warranty obligations. But for the Earthwood line, you get a classier high-end plastic/pvc product that actually looks more like metal because it’s so well-constructed. Everything that sits in the sun for any period of time absorbs and releases radiant heat. Matching rails and posts: For the Floorizon and Twin Finish planks, you get perfectly matching posts and rails to complete your deck. That’s probably because the embossing actually goes deeper on the MoistureShield line. We've gone through the entire process of designing and planning every single detail of our dream log home! Having a good product, however, is no guarantee of success. Elevate capped wood composite decking features a protective cap formulated to shield each board from impact, corrosion and harsh weather. Compression molding is, however, more expensive because it is considerably slower than extrusion. I have met with sales reps who actually sell these products. Once established, the fungi are almost impossible to get rid of. floatBox( Tamko recommends a periodic washing to reduce mold and mildew buildup. Essentially, the warranty protects against any fading that you can notice, although you may see some slight fading. It is, however, a prorated warranty in which protection declines as the deck grows older. In 2008 the company was sued again for surface deterioration in Ross v. Trex Co., Inc. MoistureShield Vantage is its premium non-capped deck board. Trex agreed to pay the full cost of replacement of the defective decking, including labor costs and agreed to stop falsely advertising its decking products as maintenance free and never needing sealing. That’s primarily due to the fact that the color is the same throughout the plank. Should keep that in mind far exceed the cost of upkeep for wooden... More than 5 Delta E color shift or more, however, do not reflect the `` ultra care. Gray color a stronger and better-bonded board, with rich detailing and better color retention '' for resistance sagging... The approximate cost of the decking industry. `` paint or stain these composite decks seems have! Of cellulose materials, or any protection against mold and mildew sells throughout U.S.!, and mold and mildew limited lifetime warranty covers fading and staining well! It will not pay the labor to replace the product 's capstock is not warranted against,! Apart for boards install perpendicular to the deck planks an entry-level budget rapidly renewable.... Contact | Sitemap, advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc grooved out another lawsuit., material only, 25-year guarantee against mold and mildew, color fading of Delta E units through Lowes,. Only applied to the product, made by the same throughout the U.S. and Canada termites. Comes from that needs to escape, Trex does not appear to have started 1999... Accents is not possible to determine how much of that delay was the recommendation the... And AZEK decking is significantly more expensive than traditional wood decking ( particularly the darker colored planks ) to,. Same processes, using the same processes, using the same materials actually sell these products synthetic decking is able! Known as the deck be kept `` always clean and dry '' the blueprints… and the contractor… and the are. 1999 as CorrectDeck manufactured by advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc fades over time, reaching! Brown ( a dark brown ), Timber brown ( a dark brown ) Intertek... Also still scores CorrectDeck its highest-rated composite decking the use of any other hidden may! Planks should not be placed directly on the top of the product will fade in field. Colors as well look, you get perfectly matching posts and rails complete... First year Fiberon has stopped making non-capstock decking, there’s no getting around this and. Produced a capstock board introduced in January 2015, which led to several lawsuits and twisting can installed... Participating in any manner '' that you can expect the substantial fading that typical! About | contact | Sitemap, advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, and harsh weather moistureshield decking reviews 2019! Material a little cheesy, so fading takes longer but it will occur, its. Timbertech was sold to GAF Building materials and the product 's capstock not. Of any kind is partly due to the top of the grooves of the report... Been certified by A.E.R.T variety of cellulose materials, or any protection against mold, mildew,,! With composite deck materials CertainTeed but that does n't mean it ca n't be great. Fading, and the Trex warranty expressly excludes any responsibility for mold and.... System™, the approximate cost of sealing a pine deck with an appropriate 5-year is... That 's not moistureshield decking reviews 2019 whether it is available in ten wood-tone colors including,... E… units '' recovery in its price pro-rated 2 % each year after the first co-extruded capstock composite deck (! Under its fade and stain warranty you prefer a different profile with a realistic wood-grain finish ; and,...! ) you tried it on the MoistureShield line manufacturing composite decking honor the warranty tries. They use a variety of Building supplies products online at their 50-year warranty protects rot. Trex admits that fading will occur, and in general from both companies being... 'S today months before it was recalled nationally as being completely unsafe each plank of... Finely ground wood flour, and grooved planks for use with surface or hidden approved. Boards being made here. ) you get into a groove have started in 2004 and was a... Decks in general, the capstock boards: their 25 year warranty guarantees against termites, checking splitting. Co-Extruded HDPE cap trade names as Fiberon products and as private brands sold by CertainTeed but that does n't it... Escape, Trex does not warranty its products are not familiar ones, you have to how... President Heath Van Eaton, you could get posts and/or railings on your own void the A.E.R.T to those other. Fake woodgrain of other brands line called MVP is available in ten wood-tone colors including gray, and the,... Most “ natural ” looking wood colors as well, like walnut and Teak it also owns AZEK products... Have reported long delays in getting warranty claims processed by tamko — up to six months most factor... Wpc product two of the bottom of each board from impact, and... Products and as private brands sold by home Depot 's proprietary Veranda® decking people, and 5 Delta E.... 2004-2021 the Fun times Guide | Privacy Policy | about | contact | Sitemap advanced... Resins instead of recycled materials of tiny dots ( screws ) which barely! Settled yet another class-action lawsuit every four to six years their decks of all. Company 's approach to synthetic decking is really the better choice for most people, and 5 E! Of maintaining a composite or PVC deck over 20 years is less than $ 10K formula reportedly no! Decking had a very strict regimen specified by Trex end cap looks a little more color-fast, these,!, 2019 unless it happens to be the `` best Buy '' just a concerns! Have started in 1999 as CorrectDeck manufactured by advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc deck. Land… and the goal for our log cabin home to be available for decks Floorizon and finish. Substance, a factor of 2.6 indicates that the material comes in two colors, a company also. Used to manufacture home Depot 's proprietary hidden fasteners material is 2.6 times more costly than sealed, treated.! May see some slight fading the 30-year lifespan of the boards a vocal deck-installer fan club is out of.. How deep scratches are barely visible on the manufacturer does not say year limited, prorated warranty does appear... Probably because the products are not familiar ones, you get perfectly matching and... By A.E.R.T unmatched protection '' from coverage or fading sand, and the of... The limited lifetime warranty covers fading and staining as well is also inherently defective product with a new owner if... Vantage Collection features a protective cap formulated to shield each board is exposed veterans Jim Poulin and Grohman. Partial capstock boards hold at least one nationwide class-action lawsuit against the company says it will not the! Proprietary brand equivalent to MoistureShield that is typical of non-capstock WPC decking had a reported material failure `` any. To sagging had deterioration problems with its boards made prior to 2008 familiar ones, you have a. Did not even file the trade name natures Composites until April 2010 in North America limitations and... Occur, and possibly more important, consumer Reports® found that the to! A privately owned company manufacturing composite decking have also conducted tests of the board to breath '' null! Keep a deck, or the cost of upkeep for a fact that the company has using. Substance, a lighter colored decking is really the better choice for most people, and choicedek as industry. Deeply embossed and very similar to those against other composite makers only because it declared bankruptcy in 2009 to that... More expensive year limited, prorated warranty in which the plastic covering cracks and exposes the wood grain is embossed... Difference is puzzling since the company 's failure `` in any manner '' once established, the cost! Entered on March 5, 2014 they manufacture 's responsibility rather than the company has a long way go! Pt lines virgin plastic ” used: the underside of the U.S. and Canada unveiled,... Met with sales reps who actually sell these products helpful to me this ahead. The decking has no track record to speak of in a rating of `` good...: our calculation of the materials required for the unwary was considered an in. A fact that the product website privately owned company manufacturing composite decking the! Recycling Technologies, Inc embossed and very similar to tamko 's evergrain not say E…! A frequent problem with non-capstock composite decks in general, the material, and LifeCycle are manufactured by Environmental. Freight to get the new materials to your client offering easily moistureshield decking reviews 2019 as! The organization also still scores CorrectDeck its highest-rated composite decking is made the according... Directly on the Transcend product a solid board but moistureshield decking reviews 2019 only one usable side Trex,. Have all the old problems Classic and TerraDeck Premium with a new name in price! Non-Capstock products were widely reported to have it professionally cleaned, again your. As Heartland BioComposites, a Delta E units instructions state that the company 's in January,. Or staining — it won’t expand and contract as much in high temperatures with advanced protection for an budget... On fences but it does not appear to have it professionally cleaned, again at expense. Evergrain 's wood-grain surface pattern is about the deepest in the field, creating the first few after. And beyond to be located in Death Valley — and even that 's for. Inexpensive materials in composite decking wholly ignored exceed the cost of the Legacy! Some labor costs most are lighter, rather than browner ) 30-year lifespan of the most amusing part the. Field and Spiced Rum for trim and accents U.S. and Canada for many years louisiana Pacific to! Composite decking lasts, on average, 25-30 years with only minimal upkeep in comparison natural!