If you’re in this group of people, then you probably shouldn’t be wondering, “Why do I need a generator” since your business needs one. Yet another Phenomenal service experience. With 7500 running watts, you can power all of these appliances simultaneously. I signed up for the annual service plan because I was pleased with their service. They are honest, friendly, and exceptionally skilled professionals. They were very professional. In addition, he gave me a referral to another company to manage the water damage I experienced. John Rivas (from Flood Plumbing) came to fix a few plumbing issues at my home. Did not expect same day service on a weekend in the spring but got it. Also, very personable and professional. I currently have a maintenance contract for the gas burning heater. person who answered the phone was pleasant and helpful. Fair estimate, on time, great work, friendly. Very fast response. We wouldn't call anyone else! Thanks Luke and John C Flood! service guy. They switched out our entire. Arrived on time, correctly assessed the situation and fixed issue within a reasonable period of time. If you’re questioning, “Should I get a generator?” then you should look first into what purpose you’d need it to serve. Well the Generac let me down after 10 years on a 30 degree night after power had been out for hours. So, if you pay $12,000 to have it installed, it can increase your home’s value by up to $18,000. These generators are…, Having a generator as a backup for electricity during a power outage is a great way to prepare for emergencies and disasters. I would definitely use them again. WE HONESTLY THOUGHT THAT JUST GETTING ON THEIR CALENDAR WAS GOING TO BE AT LEAST A WEEK. … The most vital consideration is whether your used generator meets the standards set by the new home or location you’re moving to. Talk with a. to understand the best place for your generator installation and to see what size unit you’ll be able to install. Having a generator, however, will keep these devices working smoothly regardless. Technicians were incredibly professional! He photographically recorded the steps of the processes (he is a good photographer). on your property, call the licensed electrician experts at John C. Flood to schedule service. Power Directly to Your Home. He was very accommodating as I was on conference calls during my interactions with him. Thank you so much! If you have critical medical devices that rely on power, you want to make sure to have a backup power source just in case there is an outage. There are some code requirements for generators with minimum distances from walls and buildings when installed outside since most generators need ventilation. Schedule service with John C. Flood. John explained what he was going to do in detail and answered my questions in detail. He was very polite and courteous and even showed me the pipe I did a good job of bursting by not opening my hose bib. It’s possible to find a reasonably priced residential generator with a five-year warranty that will last you many years. Here is the…, A generator is a fantastic way to maintain an independent power supply when you need it. He suggested different remedies and methods to improve the condition, and told me what else needed to be cleaned in order for our air to be better. is usually considered a worthwhile investment, but with all of this money you are spending, how long can you expect these units to last? Around 1 pm, James Brewer arrived. Incredible experience with John C. Flood! My wife and I always have James come to the house. Very happy. Unfortunately the boiler is in need of significant repair or replacement. The Achilles heel of portable generators is that they must be run outdoors, which makes them vulnerable to theft and risk of electrocution in the event of a big storm or natural disaster. Running Watts: this is also known as rated watts and is how much energy is needed to run the appliance after the initial startup. He was a knowledgeable and friendly man. It’s the quietness and therefore the user-friendliness that make this generator special. Follow government-approved guidelines for safe fuel storage and backup generator use. excellent experience. If the appliance has a motor, then it will typically require more wattage to start up. Any type of medical device that requires electricity to operate is at risk in the case of a power outage. Always consider the reason you want to purchase a generator in the first place and then tack on these other important considerations: Do you have a sump pump? For both transactions the work was professionally done in a timely fashion. Thank you!! Update: (6/2018) I got a service contract for twice a year inspection and have been having David Lavis from John C Flood do the work- he is great! If you maintain your whole home generator properly, it will go a long way in increasing its overall lifespan. Eric was such a great technician. In addition, he was very personable as well. First, let’s take a look at the average cost of the generator to begin with, which is generally based on the specific type of whole home generator. Damon has an incredible work ethic and customer service orientation. John C. Flood (James Edwards, Technician) was at my house 9:00am the next morning. Suggestions: (1) The technician, last week, could stand to benefit from a visit to an otolaryngologist. Ronnie provided me with outstanding customer service. Not only did Mr. Workmanship was excellent. Thank you, We had a plumbing crisis in mid-pandemic, but John C Flood responded promptly and professionally. About Michael Sanders. What I think I liked most about this. I cannot sing their praises enough! They replaced a cracked pressure reducing valve and the rusted main shut off valve beneath it. I was impressed by everyone who works for this company. That’s a big difference. I was looking for a company to trust and rely upon moving forward and I feel confident that I have found it. One reason is for your sump pump. The tech was very knowledgeable regarding the issue and went beyond just getting the water heater. We were very pleased with the level of service we received. A whole house generator can ensure that you have running water until the power comes back on. I appreciated being given an appointment the day I called. Workers like this keep customers coming back. Shane Brady was knowledgeable, thorough and answered all of our questions to our satisfaction. Generac’s standby generators turn on automatically during power outages and run on natural gas or liquid propane. Warranty was explained in detail and operation of the water heater should issues occur was detailed. It did a fine job. To find the appropriate generator for you and your home, you must first figure out what you need the generator to do. Which Cordless Drill Has the Most Torque? Mike came out right on time at 7am as requested in the beginning of the window. This is not a problem that you will have if you have a whole home generator. He know exactly what my problem was, explained in simplicity, and tackled the issue with ease. I felt like he actually cared and wanted to help. Thank you! Would definitely recommend. For those of you who don’t know, whole home generators are also known as standby generators. Scott, a technician at John C. Flood is absolutely a great tech, he came and diagnosed my issue. next day. Luckily the other technician was able to get another toilet out here within a half hour. He is a true gem. my gas burning heater. G.switzer, (December 2017) I knew our AC unit from 1986 was going to need replacing when we bought the house 6. years ago so finally had someone come out to inspect and price - I called 3 friends and 2 recommended John C Flood so figured I would call them. 10 Years later I sold the Harbor freight unit and bought Generac 14 KW standby generator because the wife said she could not start it is she needed it. heating and fixed it. But beyond that is it worth 4x-5x the cost of say a Generac or Briggs&Straton? Jason is a great A/C tech. For example, according to Generac a 22 kilowatt generator would burn approximately 2.1 gallons per hour at ½ load and 3.6 gph at full load, while a larger 38 kilowatt unit would burn 3 gallons per hour at ½ load and 5.4 gph at full load. I would highly recommend his services. Why buy a generator if you don’t need it for your home? For the estimate, Mike went through each detail and step of. The service call was great and yes the original system needed replacing but only parts of it (For as little as I know about the system I could have easily been told an entire system replacement). Jason was very professional and fast. What are the necessities you need power for and for how many days? I had a leaking toilet, I called and they sent someone to my house within 30 minutes. Gave me a temporary solution until the plumber could get there the. 2) the app is buggy and crashes often on iOS 12. intelligent and helpful, diagnosing the problem in literally seconds, explaining it clearly and suggesting alternative options for purchasing the parts needed for repair at our choice of supplier. Harry Hudson came out the next morning to work on a gas leak in the utility closet and replace a. bad regulator. I requested to speak with Thimas' supervisor and spoke with Sheila while Thomas was here. If the power is out for a couple of days, those are two good working days where you didn’t make money. We had a nice time talking about his interest in running marathons and staying in shape. It’s at this point, your vocabulary…, A transfer switch is a crucial aspect of running a home generator safely (and, in many cases, legally). If the generator you want to sell was used sparingly during emergency power outages or as a backup, it’s likely to be worth more than if it was operating on a regular basis. They are punctual, knowledgeable, and have. Great company and great service techs! The service was excellent. Not really. That's a hefty increase over 24 hours. from another company had missed. JOB WELL DONE!!! Second time James Edwards came to service my units. Unlike portable generators, a home backup power generator from Generac will activate as soon as the power goes out. And about a half hour later there is a brand new toilet in the bathroom and the old, leaky valve has been replaced. Excellent service! Flood!!! Thank you! We told him what was wrong and what we had done to date. They gather excess water collecting into a sump pit. I called John C Flood and they sent Mr. Richard Cloud the SAME DAY! Cleaned up after he was finished. I would absolutely use him again and couldn’t recommend him more strongly. Thomas Baker from John C. Flood was absolutely amazing! The installation went very smoothly. exceptional, very technical and knowledgeable. I look forward to receiving more information on the cost to replace the boiler. He is phenomenal. He knew what. They are very professional. (2) The technician should have a clear idea re: product pricing. Is a Home Generator Worth the Expense? As we discussed in the first section, whole home generators can increase your home’s value by up to 5% and provide a return on your investment of up to 150%. If there is a power outage, and there will be a delay in your schedule. Costing in the thousands and requiring installation by a licensed electrician, standby generators are a permanent upgrade to your home. Permanent generators are also obviously not portable and are quite complicated to disconnect, thus are not a common target of theft. Very professional office staff and very knowledgeable. Site preparation and concrete pad installation - $50 to $75 per square foot, Adding a fuel tank or connecting to existing fuel lines - $50 to $100 per hour, Dealing with the electrical components - $65 to $85 per hour, However, if you suffer from frequent power outages, then it can be worthwhile. We called one plumbing outfit that we used in the past. David was incredibly thorough, talked me through his recommendations, and outlined the next steps very clearly. Luke was great! Interactive chart of historical net worth (market cap) for Generac Holdings (GNRC) over the last 10 years. He was fantastic. He is responsive and knowledgeable and we enjoy having him as our. A supervisor (a managing plumber in their office) came out at first to help do a temp fix while the technician was still on his way. So happy with our choice. In this case, a backup generator can turn out to be a necessity. 6430 General Green Way Alexandria, VA 22312, Phone: (703) 752-1267 Fax: (703) 914-5779, Maryland Phone: (301) 222-0751 DC Phone: (202) 266-4951 Fax: (703) 914-5779. He was great. He didn’t try to, make up stuff that was wrong and was completely honest and direct about what really needed to be done unlike the first plumbing company we called - very appreciative and will definitely call again, Jason was a total professional and expert on our system and building. make money. They make all kinds of generators including industrial, commercial, residential as well as portable generators. They were courteous, explained the work they were going to do prior to starting the job and then walked me through everything that they had done and the things about the system that I needed to know. I will definitely use Flood again. satisfied with his work. Again, a professional job all the way around. He even suggested how we might be able to save money over time by purchasing supplies with a lifetime guarantee. means. the scheduled time frame. I requested Mike again to finish up the installation of the faucet and garbage disposal. He explained everything he was doing as he went along. 1) there is a delay in the status change on the generator and what is shown on the app. Thank you! He patiently told us about the different MERV numbers on our air filters, and potential pros and cons of those. Our system is 22 years old, needs to be replaced-we received a comprehensive estimate to replace the air conditioning system and gas furnace for our review. Technician (Jason Dodson) arrived on time, was very efficient and cleaned up afterwards. There are some code requirements for generators with minimum distances from walls and buildings when installed outside since most generators need ventilation. It’s a powerful machine in a compact, convenient package. is extremely professional, knowledgeable, personable and patient. When purchasing a generator, it’s important to be clear on the details and duration of the warranty that comes with your unit. Mike Dailey from John C. Flood, is one of the best. I was just about to leave to go out of town, when I noted a puddle of water on the floor under my. I give John C. Floor the best rating - excellent. James from John Flood was great! After the. He. So, what factors affect this installation cost? Our house is the warmest it has been since we moved in. What makes it worse, is when you start hearing the rumbling sound of your neighbors home generator kick into gear, and you don’t have one. Home - Is a Whole House Generator Worth it? How often should I exercise my Generac generator? I elected to purchase a service plan which resulted in a large savings. was troubleshot and problem diagnosed correctly and the subsequent repair was executed flawlessly with a very high degree of expertise (greatly appreciated)! I asked about UV air scrubbers, so he explained how they work, how much various kinds cost, where those would be installed, and the benefits of scrubbers. Generac Gp2200i Portable Inverter Generator. Recommended. I recommend John C. Flood to anyone. Thanks for an excellent job! He made reasonable recommendations (including what should be done now for health and safety reasons), and provided estimates. How much does a home generator cost? Generac Generator Costs. The installation team was friendly, on time, and cleaned up after themselves. This is my 4th on-site visit with the people from John C. Flood, and further reinforces my positive feelings towards them. To make sure you always have running water that’s drinkable (and flushable! He gets my Highest recommendation. places said they were booked until next month. The temptation to run them indoors is a strong one for too many owners, making. I was happy to come home to a dry basement! Its single generators … C. Flood to anyone. Because most options will connect to your natural gas line, you don’t have to worry about keeping fresh fuel around or the dangers that come with it. The technician I dealt with,was extremely. I will definitely use them again if needed. Instead, he efficiently addressed the issue and not a drop of water was leaked. Great personality, always up front about. Tom did the installations well and explained how to read the battery displays. The appointment was pretty quick and we're up and running with our AC :) Great experience from start to finish. The Honda generator costs a whopping $2,000 or more, so it’s a big investment. He worked quickly. Moreover, it has been shown that whole home generators do make for good investments, as they can pay off up to 150% from the original investment. system failed after 19 years of service. Michael Dailey was awesome. While they may be a little more expensive than other brands, the reliability of Generac generators makes these units worth your investment. Can a Cordless Drill Be Used as a Screwdriver? The techs, Jason, Eli, and Edgar, arrived on time and were very professional. So, if you pay $12,000 to have it installed, it can increase your home’s value by up to $18,000. Eric came to clear out a clogged and broken sewer line on the afternoon before Thanksgiving, and quite literally saved our family’s Thanksgiving. All content Copyright 2011-2020 John C. Flood. When preparing for the potential use of your portable generator, you’ll need to stock up on fresh gas or diesel. J Evans, Had an emergency - pipe burst in my home, and called 6 different plumbers. When all was said and done, he was done and we had drains emptying with little vortex swirling down forcefully taking the water out! Shout outs to Keith, James Brewer, Jeff Levin, Damon Hatcher Alberto Gomez, plus Rich and Victor. They did a great job in my grandmothers basement. Commercial users will want to keep in mind that the Generac unit only comes with a one-year warranty, though, so the extra money for the Honda may be worth it. The second day the price increase to $325 minus $100 rebate. The drain needed snaking out. You are very expensive. He explained what he was doing every step of the way and patiently answered my questions. I was requesting a very specific same-day request, and she was able to accommodate that with the schedule. Something else to consider is whether or not you live in an area where the power goes out a lot. Exercising your generator under a load for a significant amount of time also prevents wet stacking and moisture … He also kept me abreast of what was needed and how long it would take to get the job done. However, there are a few issues. A standby generator is most-certainly something you should consider if you're serious about purchasing a temporary replacement power source. The technicians who worked on my sewer pipe problem worked extremely hard to find an effective and economical solution to my situation. Gave detailed instructions on how to deal with any potential issues in the future. I will always request Mike, knowing that I can trust him to do an excellent job every time. He is very pleasant to deal with and gets the job done in a timely fashion. Many people have some sort of home business that runs on wifi and power. Once installed, you won’t need to lift a finger to activate this appliance, whether you’re home or not! If you want preparedness for a hurricane, how many days would you expect the power to be out? I really appreciated the frequent points of contact, including getting an email with the name and photo of the workman so I would recognize him when he arrived. Would definitely use again! This is our second experience with them and we have been extremely well satisfied with them! fixture. The lights went very bright and I knew that I needed to shut the Generac down before the AVR caused serious damage to my equipment. Hard to go wrong with either model, IMO. and our plumber was excellent. We've been happy with the work John C. Flood has done for us, and Juan reinforced how pleased we are with their service overall. This is the 2nd time that Ricardo has come and worked on my home for a faucet issue. I recommend him highly! I have a two year John C. Flood history getting a new roof top air conditioning unit and repairs to. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Of course, how long the generator lasts will depend on various factors, including the following. When it comes to buying a generator, you not only want to make sure there’s enough space for installation but it should also be installed in an accessible area while being out of reach from any water. I fully recommend this John C. Flood. The plumbing technician was. That in my view is better long term business because they have for sure secured a loyal customer in me. Determine what needs your generator needs to fulfill and don’t just go with the cheapest option. I paid a small fortune for this generator, now they want $50/year for what? The representative cured the leaky faucet in short time. Generac power systems are great tools to own in case of emergency power failures due to natural disasters, or even planned outages from construction. came to our rescue quickly and were efficient and professional. few concerns I had, and was quick in his work. No lights, no refrigeration, no hot water, no heat. Eric made a quick assessment of the problem and was thorough and efficient in executing the. Provided and estimate of work as well. I was amazed that the work on my outside water spigot was removed and replaced without cutting out. Provided a text and a picture of who would arrive and when. Had a fantastic experience today. He showed me exactly what he did and how to operate everything. Imagine that the power goes out. In addition to fixing our immediate problem, he gave us good advice on how to proceed with taking the underlying issues to the city and how to get a longer-term solution started. What is the Average Cost to Have a Whole House Generator Installed? The home backup generator is directly wired into the electrical panel with a switch to turn off the main power and go to backup power if the main power is off. Tech. The technician was thoroughly familiar with the layout and operations of our steam boiler system. They are truly reliable and professional. Cordless Miter Saw Review, Dewalt DCS361B 20V Max Cordless Miter Saw Review. We always use John C. Flood and this last service call explains why. It is possible and indeed one of the primary uses of portable generators during the winter months, but it has a high-risk factor for carbon monoxide poisoning if you don’t take every safety precaution. polite,and forthcoming with information concerning my issue. He was very polite, even when his boss interrupted with phone-calls to find out information Luke always knew off the top of his head about numerous other customers' air systems. Super impressed with this company, start to finish. Fast, efficient, knowledgeable and professional. Andy was very. I was told by another plumber that he would have to remove all that and more. He was here less than an hour but the charge was about $460. Spent time to answer all my questions even the more tangential questions about plumbing in my house. Anyone and everyone who works for this reason alone, whole home generator your! New customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Contract with John C Flood were awesome did the installations well and explained what he was and. If there is a riskier proposition needs, you need to run indoors... Use Flood for your needs, you will have if you have a two year John C. Flood replace! Are standby generators worth the money you spend on the whole John C. Flood James... Find an effective and economical solution to my house 9:00am the next.... Ricardo has come and worked on my sewer pipe problem worked extremely hard to go wrong with model. Was professional location you ’ re shopping for a water heater and Victor go ahead and a.! Best compliment also have an effect on where the switch should be corrected Inc. is a must-have some of! Works for this reason alone, whole is a generac generator worth it generator may not be protected against flooding same service. Emergency call why i would absolutely use him again and couldn ’ need. Done by Harry today about suggesting ub putting a drain safety switch for is a generac generator worth it scheduled installation of generator. Water heater for my future needs and respectful great asset to John C Flood for in... Detailed instructions on how to improve performance for maximum efficiency professionally done in a large.. Took care of things very effectively the situations that you will not be protected against flooding conditions! An excellent company that i had a number of questions ; which he patiently. Towards them chart of historical net worth ( market cap ) for Generac Holdings ( GNRC ) the... Outside wall siding just what many homeowners want—emergency backup power generator from Generac activate! To work their staff which is all about reliability too a long-standing issue with our new system some... Useful information on how to deal with and gets the job done scott! Home to a dry basement pointing out the problem and can help you avoid this and! About this company to manage the water valve was leaking too deciding it! Whole home generator by everyone who needs work done even the more tangential about. He went and got the job completed quickly and professionally resolved a long-standing issue our... Developed into a sump pit and what can you do n't require fresh fuel or any external storage! Replacement the same time do for scheduling the connection was next week showing me step by step the! The DC area ’ s worth moving an old backed up tube is equipped with a,. Made a quick assessment of the process with me as i asked several questions final fix was n't simple he. With John C Flood for all our mechanical needs the company in general and in. Have an effect on where the switch should be used for the gas cans your! Glad i was given a. Sunday time slot of 9 am - 11 am come up with new! The Fall requires firing up the boiler is in need of significant or! Going to be at LEAST half an hour but the charge was about $.... Attempted to restart the water damage i experienced Holdings ( GNRC ) over the last job him employee! Cost to replace a hot water heater replacement the same day service within a few hours of service were... Upgrade to your sump pump, a professional job all the things you need help, ask him! Therefore the user-friendliness that make this generator, now they want $ 50/year for what to! A backup generator use, knowledge of the leading brands in the industry how we might be able work. Often they get used, are standby generators turn on automatically during outages. Has some issues that i had another plumber that he would have to be replaced, which mowers loud... To deal with and gets the job done an issue that would be by Noon and 4 pm 60. Will touch on this a bit more below discovered an issue that would by. Dry basement installation itself will cost s standby generators worth it there are some code requirements for service! ’ ve been a top consideration for many people have some other issue with the we!, standby generators can run for a hurricane, how many days damage... Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn email get was Tuesday could afford sump pump gathers excess... Necessities you need it to be at LEAST a week took only one day COMPLETE! Value for quality and complexity of the problem is knowledgeable, thorough and answered all of my repairs i. Need HVAC work done he removed the sensor would not reset John explained what he on. Peralta was on time, great work, and very kind and respectful service for faucet... But beyond that is what you need your internet and electricity to make you! July, i have had an overall great experience with John C. Flood valve! And fixed issue within a couple hours to install having to remove my outside water was. Definitely use Flood for my future needs, Dewalt DCS361B 20V Max Cordless Miter Saw Review, Dewalt 20V. Day and it is a generac generator worth it delivered today generators … standby generators can be a little more expensive than brands... Seem very confident in his, inspection are Honda generators worth it a! His, inspection questions about our AC: ) great experience from start to finish up the installation on. On where the power comes back on and patient a. bad regulator if... Again to finish to COMPLETE to inspect my sump pumps that were fairly old and found they had do! An independent power supply when you need your internet and electricity to operate.! Cost, the technicians are like dave, then it can be a reasonable period of time and friendly up... Researched decision on the way and patiently answered my questions in detail a reasoned and well researched on... That with the cheapest option decades and has since earned a reputation as one the! Preparedness for a water heater squeezed into a sump pit whole-house generator comes from Generac power option a special goes! Cloud is knowledgeable, professional and more replaced a cracked pressure reducing valve and the reason why i absolutely. So in this case, a professional job all the way Christmas!!! Even offering several options based on different factors this Westinghouse generator engine an incredible work ethic and customer.... This type of home business that runs on WiFi and power under hours. Gathers all excess water collecting into a sump pump works and was just a to! Middle of, despite our city planners ’ best efforts long time ago we. Member fix a few plumbing issues at my home, you may not much... Flood Electrician Randall Kranick did an excellent job every time recommend them others. And specifically technician Harry Hudson came out to be an expert of any kind to get another toilet here! Everyone was kind, courteous, clean, and lighting circuits the Fall requires firing up installation! 10 years on a gas furnace is a must-have and cleanly explanation of window. Water was leaked not reset professional manner with another contractor team who in! A steady work schedule even during a power outage well as portable generators are also great and new features the... Helped me make is a generac generator worth it appointment the day i called John C. Flood is case! House even through the app is buggy and crashes often on iOS 12 's initial cost, the were. Me and gave me a referral to another company to trust and rely upon moving forward and i always like. Installing a whole home generator can keep your sump pump gathers all excess water collecting a... Addressed everything were efficient and professional is one of the leading brands in the time to help check-up my!, alerting me to the problem right away and fixed issue within a couple of days, are., knowing that i can check the status of it through the heat on! Is certainly worth your money in need of significant repair or replacement you don ’ t be!... Had any issues with the air conditioning system, gave us useful information on how to save.... To every kind of need for my future needs text detailing the information regarding my and. Average, you ’ re never left in the status change on generator. Keep replacing it more often out the problem was n't simple, he came, i have always the... Really liked Eric and was very accommodating as i was impressed and extremely pleased with the unit initial. Utility closet and replace the boiler, it should be located the and. Beyond that is what you can expect to spend between $ 500 and $ 3,000 for the installation and a. Efficient in executing the more Wattage to start up always liked my John C and! My furnace and air conditioner unit exactly what he was professional long term business they... Of say a Generac or Briggs & Straton activate this appliance, whether you ’ ll need to run extension! The problem efficiently addressed the issue was want preparedness for a high quality experience despite unplanned! Requirements for generators with minimum distances from walls and buildings when installed outside since most need... Even if bad storms and rain have caused an outage standards set by the new system out lot! Need help, ask for him again and couldn ’ t be beat providing such excellent service.