I had the same thought when I first got my puppy, since I live in an apartment too. Watch our world-famous video below, demonstrating the amazing Potty Training Puppy Apartment! We also still reward when he pees outside, and just ignore him when he pees where he shouldnt. she's now very well house trained and hasn't had an accident in over a month! Potty training “puppy apartments” have hit the scene to make this process easier. We potty trained our puppy using that, since the hallway and elevator was a death trap, and we preferred this idea to pee pads. SO - now I'm confused and a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out the best potty training method. Granted, he spends about two hours of the evening sleeping on the couch, so that helps. See more ideas about training your dog, dog care, dog training. He's still not trustworthy, but I'm down to 3 evening trips outside. In effect it is training a dog to use the bathroom indoors. User account menu • APARTMENT POTTY TRAINING HELP!!! Simpawtico has an interesting video about potty training that made me realize substrates - aka the surface the puppy is standing on - act as one of the 3 triggers for pottying. We just go to a local sod dealer in town and get 2x5ft of nice grass for like $8! https://www.reddit.com/r/Dogtraining/comments/50jgdm/help_potty_training_on_the_6th_floor_question/. The only thing is I work full time and can only come back at lunch so I will be using puppy pads for the first two to three months. it was super shitty in the very beginning for sure (also when she'd wake up at 4am) but incredibly worth it. Read on as we help you with tips and tricks for training a puppy in an apartment (without it becoming a cat-astrophe!). i’ve … Press J to jump to the feed. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Potty training in apartment. Don't let the puppy outside that area if you know they haven't gone recently, but if you really feel like they're going to need to go soon, just take them out. The Potty Training Puppy Apartment (PTPA) is essentially a dog crate, which has a patent pending room divider, separating the crate into two different sections. The Potty Training Puppy Apartment is the only device that exists that includes the Adjustable Room Divider. She will stay in there whenever I am not giving her 100% of my attention. Because she was so small, the owner was worried she might not be able to go out to pee in the winter, so she wanted the pee pad training in case. It helps hearing that the worst is over in a few weeks. He will pee on the apartment floor, however, if we're late getting him outside. It’s my first time and I need some help with potty training. I think a lot of people recommend not using potty pads because they can end up training exactly what you don't want. Boarding other Pets Ok Boarding. So far we have been trying to lure him down by having a treat in front of him the entire time while going down so that he has no time to even consider peeing, but its not working fully as his attention is very shifting. This will save you.-I say no to pee pads. Disadvantage: your pup can be stressed if you don't notice they need to go out). The first 2-3 days where terrible then it went fine. (For example: my puppy randomly starts peeing in the apartment. He did not per on the puppy pads but shredded them. I, personally, don't mind (and I expect!) DogTraining: A forum on dog training and behavior. I'm wondering if anyone has experience potty training a puppy in an apartment. Anytime your puppy needs to go they simply have to … Our prices are normally 30%-50% less than what you would pay at your local pet store for similar quality pads. I'm wondering if you guys have any tips or suggestions or personal experience with potty training a puppy in an apartment. The grass is pretty expensive and deliveries were delayed so often we would be left with a gross over-used pad at home, and get a dead pad of grass in the mail days late. It just takes a little more advanced planning and due diligence. A good compromise if you can commit to taking the puppy out every two hours might be a gate or some easy to clean up area. I plan to crate train from day #1 as well. If you have a bell, spring doorstop, or a buzzer of some sort you can train your puppy to touch the bell right before you go out to the bathroom. Instead I'll use puppy pads at first and phase them out slowly. Outdoor potty training a puppy in an apartment is a bigger time commitment and this is the deciding factor for many new dog owners. Training Assistance. You want to try and say it as they begin to go, not afterwards. We live on the 7th floor of an apartment bulding, and I think we have reached a point where he is reasonably potty trained inside the apartment. It … This is so I can set up the puppy for success rather than failure. What you're dealing with in the early months is their inability to hold it as much as it is the lack of training, so you might as well hit both. There are a whole host of new challenges that come with potty training a puppy in an apartment. Potty training a puppy is a little trickier when you have an apartment, since you can't install a doggie door or easily let your furry companion outside. The idea is for the puppy to learn to potty on the potty side so that he or she will always have a bathroom inside your house or apartment. Every time. How To STOP A Puppy From Peeing On The Carpet And Get Them FULLY Potty Trained - The Quick And Easy Way! it paid off tremendously! it's worth the month or so of carrying the pups out if that's what it takes for 0 accidents. I have read the wiki page on house training and agree that I don't want to use potty pads to train my puppy. Learn more about it on the Disclosure page. The name of the game is jumping the gun on going to the bathroom, which will involve just keeping an eye out for those tell tale signs (pacing, walking to the door, staring at you, etc) that a pee/poo is imminent. It will be much harder for him to understand that he is supposed to pee in the grass if he is always done by the time he gets there. Our pup is 10mo now and we actually still do this! puppy apartment potty training crate provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. I'm wondering if you guys have any tips or suggestions or personal experience with potty training a puppy in an apartment. My plan is put up a 4' x 4' pen in the living room with a tarp under it, and some wee-wee pads inside. Starting out, you really want your pup to just understand there should be a certain area for the bathroom. Don't sweat it! Saying it after the fact CAN lead to the dog learning to go on command but is less reliable; by the time it's done peeing it's sniffing something else, looking somewhere else, has it's mind in a completely different place and may associate your words with whatever THAT activity is as opposed to the one you're attempting to put on cue. i used a puppy pad for the first two days and then decided against it. Everything You Need To Know About Dog Gates And Barriers – An apartment. So let’s take a look at what that would involve. Then, as he gets older and in more control of his bladder, I begin to train him to pee outside and not inside. Last update on 2020-12-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. I have helped potty train two puppies, with the long-term goal of them peeing outside only. House Training . If so this is a great option (assuming it's safe -- the dog can't fall off and is always monitored even if you believe there is no risk!) Now if I say "fido, hurry up!" Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hi everyone! He will go to the grass and relieve himself. After 2 weeks he was fine and never eliminated in the apartment again. In the short term, just buzz or whatever when you leave. Good call on the carrying, because then I have a bit more control of the situation. If your pup is using the pads and it's working, go ahead and keep them in there just in case an accident is going to happen (some may disagree, but you can go about it without the pads and just be prepared to clean. Or they pee in the elevator. The signals of a pup ready to have an accident are that he is going to be sniffing around, pacing, and circling an area. I ultimately want to find the most effective way to train my dog to pee and poop outside, and not inside. One is 9 years old and one is a puppy. This community is geared towards modern, force-free methods and recommendations. Whereas the smaller room, with a sleeping cushion, functions as your puppy’s bedroom. Place your dog on a regular feeding schedule so you can predict when she'll need to go outside, and reward her every time she demonstrates good behavior. Timing is generally of the utmost important in training. [Discussion] Potty training and apartment dogs. Potty training your new puppy can already be quite the challenge. At all points, make sure you're rewarding with a ton of treats and praise for eliminating outside / on schedule / on command. Got a new puppy. You can start this by saying the phrase after he pees, like "good boy, good potty" and just say that everytime he goes outside until he starts doing it regularly, then start using it as a command, "fido, go potty!". Cookies help us deliver our Services. Hello fellow redditors, Having "raised" two dogs while I was a kid living at my parent's house I know that adult dogs usually go potty after eating and puppies usually have a more irregular schedule. 29 comments. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building and I'm not gonna lie, potty training a puppy sucks. Hope this helps! We also started with crate training from the first day on. This thread is archived. In December, my boyfriend and I are getting an Australian Labradoodle puppy (at 8 weeks old)! So now, they're just padding for his area. Miniature American Shepherd, and we are having some issues getting him fully potty trained. The drawbacks of a puppy apartment. We found out that carrying him downstairs or in the elevator helped him, when it was urgent. report. After 10 weeks I will take her outside every two hours, but the last 1.5 hrs of free time will be spent inside the pen with the wee-wee pads. 91% Upvoted. Stuck the grass sod on the balcony, so your pup still learns potty = outside and you're not waiting or rushing down the elevator. How Long Does Puppy Potty Training Take? The other puppy, the owner was using a kind of pee pad that fit into a plastic frame, to help the dog differentiate between types of surfaces. After a couple weeks of that she stopped peeing in the hallway and so far (touch wood) hasn't had an accident in a while! Miniature American Shepherd, and we are having some issues getting him fully potty trained. Just keep an eye on your dog. And good tip with the phrase too. This is setting it up for failure and might lead to bad habits like always going in the crate. Sort of an ordeal, but it seemed to be working and helping the dog understand she couldn't indiscriminately find absorbent surfaces; the owner lived on the 32nd floor of a building, and sometimes the puppy literally peed down her coat while they were trying to get outside, so I think it was working for them. hide. Close • Posted by just now. We live on the 7th floor of an apartment bulding, and I think we have reached a point where he is reasonably potty trained inside the apartment. Outdoor potty training a puppy in an apartment. He's never once peed on them. No puppy pads! I have the same issue or worries, but I think we can have a bit more frequent pee breaks. Another recommendation might be to start with a potty bell as early as possible to make sure they internalize bathroom as a process involving signalling. This potty training technique is different than just doing regular crate training. I did this accidentally, I took him out every morning in winter and encouraged him to "hurry up" so I could get back inside. The Puppy Apartment includes 3 doors, one in the bedroom, one in the bathroom and one leading from the bedroom into the bathroom. The room divider has a cut out in the middle of it so that the puppy can easily go back and forth between the two rooms. If he starts to pee inside, say "nuh-uh" and pick him up quickly, and CARRY HIM ALL THE WAY OUTSIDE. the dog to make accidents in the house, but I also still want the dog to be forming the understanding that inside is not the place to do it, which is why I would take frequent outside bathroom trips. Thanks! See more ideas about Potty training puppy, Potty training puppy apartment, Puppy training. (cement is very easy to clean and disinfect). When he does pee outside, praise him and introduce a phrase. The first puppy, I met when he was 12 weeks old and while he technically was able to hold it 3 hours, it was much more like 1, so what happened was that he was penned into the kitchen (which was really only about 10 feet long and 3 feet wide...ah NYC kitchens) and the area was lined with pee pads to help with clean up. He/she may not make it all the way at first, but soon he/she will get the timing down. For the first two weeks I am not even going to take the puppy outside, I'm just going to encourage her to use the wee-wee pads. When deciding to get a puppy, you must also realize that this is much like raising a newborn human. As soon as the action begins, (or just before if you're 95% sure it's about to happen) give the cue. We stopped the doggielawn service a long time ago tho, I actually don’t recommend them. Do you have a balcony? Log In Sign Up. I thought this was a good potty training method, but then I worried he will (a) become accustom to peeing inside, which I don't want to in the long term, and (b) it will be hard to 'retrain' him to pee only outside and not inside. My last puppy was 12 weeks and could hold it reliably for at least 1-2 hours from the start, but the new puppy will be 8 weeks and will be basically an infant for the first two weeks. Rush out to the elevator, only to get peed on. This gives them an effective method to let you know they're ready to go out. To take him outside, we basically had him sit on a pad so we could put his little harness on, which was also important because he peed a little because he'd get so excited to go outside, and then we'd pick him up and carry him to the elevator, put him down on the curb, and tell him "go pee" and he'd immediately go. However, I was chatting with a dog walker/trainer the other day, and she noted this is not a good method - when puppies are very young, they cannot control their bladders, and the dog will still make accidents in the house. I can handle a few weeks, but I'm really hoping that my puppy can start to hold his bladder and be potty trained by around 12 weeks. so worth it! My thoughts of how to approach this are below...I hope you don't mind the long read :). There are many factors to consider, such as age, learning history, … I've read before the idea of training your dog to ring a bell when he needs to pee, so that's a great idea to just start it at a young age. hi! We manufacture these custom-made PTPA Potty Pads for dogs and puppies. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. But just because you live in an apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t successfully train your puppy to ‘go’ where he’s supposed to. For my lab we used to say "do your business" haha. Over time there will be fewer trips and it'll be worth all the exhaustion and hard work. It's really convenient if you have a balcony. You can start this by saying the phrase after he pees, like "good boy, good potty" and just say that everytime he goes outside until he starts doing it regularly, then start using it as a command, "fido, go potty!". while my pup was 8-10w old i carried her out every 45m-1h to ensure no accidents, and rewarded her with praise and treats every time she went outside. Leaving you with a mess to clean up and your puppy relieved. He will learn that when he needs to go out, he can communicate it by waiting by the door. If it is usually 2 hours then do 1.5 hours? When he did make an accident in the apartment during those first few days - would you carry him downstairs, or would you just clean up the miss and try to catch the next time before it happened? By 12 weeks I should be able to take her out and remove the pads altogether, but the pen and tarp will stay up until about 4-6 months when potty training is way more reliable. Potty training is an essential part of owning a puppy. Potty Training Puppy Apartment (A Quick How To) We support our blogging by participating in affiliate programs. The parkade is another story though lol. It means taking the puppy out a million times a day, but deal with it. Especially if you live 40+ floors up. So after having those thoughts, I determined that instead what I would do, is forego the potty pads. Treat, short walk, go inside, repeat before the end of the hour. And good point too with just staying in an area that is easy for clean up. The AmazonBasics Dog and Puppy Potty Training Pads are perfect when it comes to living in an apartment and wanting to potty train your dog. I used to take him out four times a night but am trying to eliminate his 8pm trip. I learned this the hard way. After a few months of potty training, we added bell training so our dog rings the bells, then we open the balcony door and he does his business. However, he very often pees in the hallways, usually right outside the elevator going down. There's a couple things you can do: super high value treats and praise to make puppy realize the cement is just as rewarding as the grass for potty time. After a few messes you put down the puppy pad because that is easier in the short term, but 2 years later they still use it. share. The PTPA will be a very small and smart investment in your dog that will last for the lifetime of your dog. If my brother wants me to watch his dog it is no big deal, there is a good amount of noise with him and my dog running around having fun but there are no messes. Our puppy is a 5 m.o. We can’t go out yet and I love in an apartment so it’s been hard to train him to pee and poop on the potty pads that I got him worked only for one day for peeing, he still pooped everywhere else other than on the potty pads. Posted on: / Categories: train your puppy. Potty Training Puppy Apartment Potty Pads. Sometimes we carried him down when we thought it was very urgent as he usually never pees in our hands, but he is too big for that to be an option now. This puppy will rely solely on YOU to feed, love, care for and train it. Do they work? i do have a question...are you in the apt where there were a lot of dogs and is this before ur puppy had a second round vaccination? save. you hear horror stories of people who pad trained their dogs who still regularly have accidents where the pad used to be. Hi there, chiming in bc we had a very similar experience. Can you guess the #1 Dog Breed? Carrying is important bc he will hold his bladder while you carry him, but if you put him down in the hallway or elevator he will leak and by the time you get outside his bladder will be empty. Potty Training Puppy Apartment Reddit. I live on the 10th floor and it's a major pain in the ass but whatever. The dog trainer noted that if, for example, I am playing with the puppy and the puppy gets excited and starts peeing, it's easier to run and put the dog on a potty pad than race down 6 flights of stairs, at which point the puppy is already done with his business and doesn't understand why he's now outside. I suppose I know how it starts, potty training a puppy is a stressful experience, and there are times when the dog pees while you are cleaning up the previous pee, you don't get a lot of sleep, go through a lot of paper towels but after a couple weeks it is all over. My first thought was to use puppy pads. -crate train FOR SURE. Hi. my chihuahua is 13 weeks old and has been using a faux grass patch/puppy pads located inside the apartment, as i was waiting for his shots. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Before you can really begin learning how to potty train a puppy in an apartment, you first need to learn what the signals that your puppy needs to go to the bathroom. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Dogtraining community. I ultimately want to find the most effective way to train my dog to pee and poop outside, and not inside. Aug 25, 2015 - Over 100,000 dogs have been successfully potty-trained with the innovative Potty Training Puppy Apartment! It will cost you less than $2.00 per month over the life of your dog and will take away all the stress of worrying about your dog having to potty. But even if you decide to go with indoor potty training using pads, it’s good to understand the outdoor method and try to apply it whenever you are home. Find the quietest spot within the communal area and decrease the amount of time between potty breaks to avoid accidents. Add living in a high-rise apartment and you have quite the challenge. After he's done (as quickly as possible) reinforce with a treat or attention. The Potty Training Puppy Apartment (PTPA)
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